We talk to the successful skipper at Warren

We talk 7 on 7 and recruiting at Warren Central


Jayson West of Warren Central

Congrats on a great performance at the national 7 on 7 tourney?

Thanks! It was fun playing national teams and having the success we did! 

How does 7 on 7 improve your team?

Timing, installation, bonding with your teammates, and getting really sound at the perimeter game!

It looks as though you have  to rebuild your offensive line. How is that playing out?

We are very young up front but they are good kids that play hard so I hope they get some confidence early as a unit as it will help us immensely!


You have two sophomores (David Bell and Justin Britt) who already with D1 offers. Have you ever had that before?

Not this early! They are special players and great kids



How does the MIC stay at such a high level?

The schools all have committed to the kids and athletics and it had made the MIC into a great conference in several areas! This is such a great deal for the kids as it created so many opportunities for them it's amazing! 

Who is the most underrated college prospect on your team?

Zach Summeier, Dijon Anderson and Tristen Tonte!



Who is the one player who no one knows about yet, but will??

Dean Tate 

Biggest position battle as we end the summer and head to fall camp?

Our db's and wrs have a lot of competition so they better get after it every day or they will get passed by the hungrier player!

Who is one guy on your team who might not be a high level recruit, but is a great football player?

Mike Tutsie, Tristen Tonte, Trent Taylor, Trace Wellmann 

In what way has recruiting improved since you first started coaching??


Social media has made it easier for college coaches to recruit the whole world! In turn, it has made it a bit harder on all schools since they have such a broader range to choose from they choose from anywhere and makes it much more competitive for the kids today!

What are the negatives about the current recruiting process?

 That many times the best football players don't get picked up due to height! I have never coached and lost a game because a player was too short!  Most schools just follow the chart rules and hope by the age of 21 they fill out, get coached up and become the player they had hoped - which i understand!  I just get frustrated when players like Dijon and Zach get passed up because of height and not skill level, but that is the deal in this business!

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