Irish skipper talks QB competition and Recruiting

A look at some overlooked Irish players!!


Rick Streiff of Cathedral

Cathedral has always been a place that recruiters hit. This season it seems to have gone crazy with your kids?

Not sure what has caused a change - yeah we have some really good players but it has gone beyond regional recognition

What would a 6A state title mean?

Tremendous for our program.  Our kids want to stay in 6A and compete here 

You lost a D1 signal caller in  Max Borthsenschlager (Maryland). How is the process finding a replacement going?

We have several candidates Senior Quincy Keller and Paul Wedge as well as Junior Donyell Meredith 

In talking to a lot of coaches, they seemed to have modeled your summer. How has that helped the Irish??

I don't know about that - we have taken things from other programs and applied them this season.  We hope it works 

Who is the most underrated college prospect on your team?

Luke Sanders 

Who is the one player who no one knows about yet, but will??

Zavier Brown 

Biggest position battle as we end the summer and head to fall camp?


Who is one guy on your team who might not be a high level recruit, but is a great football player?

Gaven Johnson 

In what way has recruiting improved since you first started coaching??

Hudl has made our lives a lot easier but also created some issues. Social media has been both a blessing and a curse 

What are the negatives about the current recruiting process?

Keeping kids grounded with all the exposure as well creating a team atmosphere has become tougher

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