Bloomington South LB Tommy Richardson had 111 tackles

Linebacker hopes to take Bloomington South a step farther.

2017 Profile

Tommy RIchardson LB

Bloomington South

How did last season go?

Last season was a blast with the guys I started high school with. We gave it our all and went undefeated. Sadly we lost in regionals but it only made us better for this year. 



What are your goals for upcoming season?

Our goal this year is to keep showing the state that Bloomington south football is back and are going to be a powerhouse from now on. We want to play our best ball once the tournament gets here. 


Which of your teammates will surprise this year?

Kristian Pechec will continue to destroy defenses at RB alongside with his quarterback Gavin Yeskie. Chris Bomba, receiver will become more of a threat coming into his junior year. Our defense will be strong as it has in the past. Safety Alec Grahm and move in- Alex Weddle will come out to pick up right where Luke Barrow and Zack Pedersen left off last year. 



What schools are currently recruiting you?

 I am getting a lot of love from University of Wyoming and hope to earn an offer in the future. I went out there in the winter and fell in love right away. I have visited Northern Illinois, Miami of Ohio, Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Wyoming, University of Saint Francis, and Northwestern. 


 What offers do you currently have?

Right now I have University of Saint Francis and Morehead State University.


  Do you have upcoming plans do visit any other schools?

I plan on visiting University of Saint Francis and Wyoming at this point. And will visit others during the next few months. 


 What other sports do you play?

I played basketball and baseball until my junior year and gave up both. I am planning on coming back out for baseball to end my senior year. 


 What would you like to major in?

I would like to study in sports management and business


Favorite Social Media and why?

I love Twitter because they have some of the funniest tweets on there and I love to laugh. It also gives me an opportunity to talk to college coaches. 


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