New Prairie TE/DL Tynan WIlliams has Illinois State offer.

New Prairie's Tynan Williams a standout on both offense and defense.

2017 Profile

Tynan Williams

New Prairie


How did last season go?

 Not great, didn't end the way it's should have.


What are your goals for upcoming season?

 Win State, all conference, all state


Which of your teammates will surprise this year?

 Nick Wilson


What schools are currently recruiting you?

 Illinois State University, Purdue, SIU, WMU, BG


What offers do you currently have?



Do you have a favorite school at this point?

No I do not



Is there a school you wish was recruiting you?

I don't wish a school was recruiting me, I work to earn that


What schools have you visited?

Purdue, IU, WMU, Miami Oh, BG


Do you have upcoming plans do visit any other schools?

 Not at the moment 


What other sports do you play?

Basketball, track


What would you like to major in?

Business management and sports management


Favorite Social Media and why?

 Instagram because I can see what my friends are doing

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