Delta Receiver Likes Basketball on Grass

The trend among college football coaches is to find 6'-5" basketball players and make them into receivers. In the case of our 6'-5" 190 lb Delta Eagle, Logan Young is already a wide receiver with a 4.5 speed and a 6'-6" high jump. He started out playing point guard, and the more he grew, the more he was pushed under the basket.

Coach Grant Zgunda has already told Logan that he will have the best of both worlds as a Delta Eagle receiver in 2009.

As a Delta Eagle in 2009, Logan Young will have the opportunity to be a big play receiver (as was in 2008 as every 3rd pass he caught was a touchdown). He will also be a possession receiver for the Eagles – the tall guy that goes up and gets the ball when you have a first down on a 3rd and 7. According to Grant Zgunda, Logan Young will be the "go to" guy, whenever and wherever on the gridiron.

Logan's older brother is already catching passes for the Wabash Little Giants in Division 3, but when nature endowed Logan with hands and height, the desire to play on a bigger stage began to grow as well. He has his eyes set on playing in the Big 10. His high school coach is bold enough and respected enough that he simply says, "Logan is a D1 wide receiver candidate that has the skills and desire." Logan is also a 3 sport athlete. He is currently playing basketball and will run track this spring. He likes the high jump, 200 meters and possibly the high hurdles.

Logan earned honors as an All-State football player on the Indiana Football Coaches Association Junior team. He is a fierce competitor who (according to Zgunda) compares to the former Notre Dame receiver, Jeff Samardzija. Young would love to play for the Indiana Hoosiers. There is a connection. Removed a few years from the present reality, Delta is the same high school where Bill Lynch's sons honed their high school skills.

Logan Young doesn't want to travel too far away from home. Ball State is in his back yard, but his dream has been to play somewhere in the Big 10. I asked him if there was a desire to follow some hoop dreams, after all this is Indiana, and he responded, "We probably will throw more next year with our quarterback coming back…"as his voice trailed. We never talked much more about basketball. Starting now we can call this "Logan's Run" to his final high school football season. You will be hearing more about this Delta receiver.

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