Michael White Can Make an Impact on Defense

There is no secret that a defensive linemen can make an impact with speed and intelligence, and Brebeuf's Michael White has both. With several colleges going to the 3-4, specific types of defensive linemen are being sought to fit the scheme. Michael White can fit into different schemes, which is why interest in him is growing.

Those who know about Brebeuf Preparatory know that it is a school designed to prepare students for the rigors of academic achievement. When students leaves as graduates, they can enter a college or university ready for the rigors of any academic pursuit. When a student athlete has athletic and academic skills to excel, it becomes a matter of where you want to go. Michael White has the academic ability to apply to Harvard, but desires to stay close to home so family can watch him play.

Michael's high school head football coach, Ryan Gallogly, says, "Michael is an IVY league student, who could be an impact player in that league." But, coach was also quick to point out that he has the ability and desire to play in the any college he chooses.

Michael is 6' 2" and 250 lbs. He also also plays lacrosse for Brebeuf. He has excellent feet and that has already caught the attention of several schools who are evaluating him. "I have been told by coaches who have watched me on film that I can attack from a down position as a defensive end and also play standing up and cover like an outside linebacker," White confided recently.

Versatility is definitely one of his strengths. Coach Gallogly admitted that Michael played down in 2008, but will have the opportunity to move around in the 2009 season in Brebeuf's 3-5 defense. Michael made an unofficial trip to Duke University last fall to watch Duke play Virginia. He attended a Junior Day function at Indiana University.

But once again, Cincinnati University has discovered that Indiana is a fertile recruiting ground and liked the versatility they saw in Michael. Cincinnati thought he would be a good fit in the 3-4 defensive scheme. What impressed Michael most was head coach Brian Kelley's approach to football with his ABC philosophy. A=Academics, B-BCS Bowl, C=Career after football. To a student like Michael White, Cincinnati's approach to football and the college experience was impressive.

The awareness of Michael White's abilities are growing as he has been contacted to attend the typical one day "show us" camps. Ball State sent him a personal note inviting him for an unofficial visit if he so desired and then there is Harvard. The IVY is calling.

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