Kofi Likes the Friday Night Lights

Kofi means "Friday" in the African nation of Ghana. Kofi Hughes was aptly named since he makes quite an impression during the fall on Friday nights. Kofi led his Cathedral team to the Indiana 4A state football championship. He hopes that he can lead his team back to another championship, and then make Saturdays his game day for the next 4 years.

When you talk with Kofi, you know he doesn't lack confidence in his ability. It isn't arrogance or cockiness, it is a surety that he knows his strengths, but he is also aware of his weaknesses. One look at his statistics from last year and his strengths and weaknesses come into focus.

Kofi rushed for 1,303 yards and threw for 930 yards in 2008.

Kofi admits that his goal is to increase his passing efficiency and productivity. "I have got to work on reading defenses and building confidence in throwing the ball," Hughes said. "It is important that I spend the spring and summer working as hard as I can to build consistency and hone my throwing game," He added. He sees himself cut in the mold of many of the new breed of quarterbacks who can be dangerous by land and through the air.

"Last year I knew I could just as easily run to where the receiver was than to throw it to them," Kofi admits. Last season his head coach, Rick Streiff, returned to the team and picked the athletic quarterback because of his athletic ability. "He is cut in the mold of a Morgan Newton, but lacked the experience in throwing the ball. This year we believe he will get more opportunities," Streiff spoke candidly. Cathedral has never been known to throw the ball, but Streiff hinted that if Kofi improves as much as he did over the course of last season, Cathedral could be multi-dimensional.

"My job on offense is to make things happen," Kofi emphasized. Last year it was more by my feet. This year I want to add the next dimension by throwing the ball down the field," Kofi went on to accentuate.

Both Coach Rick Streiff and Kofi related that they had team camp at Indiana University and that time will be spent with the IU staff in a camp situation. Indiana is well aware of the talent and ability Kofi brings to the table of football competition. In a previous article, I indicated there are several 2010 Indiana high school quarterbacks bunched together in the pact. Kofi has the athletic ability to break out of that pack. We know he can run with the pack. The question will be answered this fall. Can he throw his way to leadership of the pack?

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