At Cincinnati Combine You Watched and Learned

The Scout combine team came rolling in to the Queen City with all their electronic gear at 7:00 a.m. The skies were overcast, but Cincinnati was king for the day in the college recruiting world as some of the best in the Midwest showed as the focus of college attention during this active recruiting period in the month of May.

The Eye Test

College recruiters talk about the eye test and it was true among the staff this weekend. Certain players "looked" like they would fit on college rosters. There is no doubt that some players have that look. Yes, looks can be deceiving, but when watching players go through the testing, it affirms that statement heard so much in Cincinnati, "He looks like a Division 1 player."

The Cincinnati combine's show stopper, Devin Gardner, passed all his tests well enough to be named the combine's MVP. So much talk about the "type" of quarterback certain programs look for in this changing era of quarterback styles. Watching Devin go through the combine's paces, you could see why he is a Rich Rodriguez type quarterback. Gardner displayed the confidence, good feet and an able enough arm that was impressive. But, for me what set him apart is this young man had committed to Michigan, and yet drove the miles to compete in a combine that wasn't really necessary. That speaks volumes about the young man's willingness to play the game.

Speaking of Quarterbacks

There were several Indiana quarterbacks who came to the combine to show off their talents and abilities. All year long I have been writing that there are several quarterbacks who are gathered at the starting gate, and the 2009 season may be where several will come to the forefront. But, for this weekend the Indiana H.S. quarterbacks who stepped up in competition were:

Alex Hines – Fishers H.S.

Alex has made some tremendous improvement from his junior season, and arm strength is the most apparent. Alex noted that he has hopes to play at an IVY school. He has had contact with Bowling Green and visited Davidson.

Bryn Schwartz Terre Haute South H.S.

Bryn is a soft spoken and unassuming young man who had good results from his combine experience. Bryn is an athlete who is playing quarterback in high school, but was impressive with his ability to change directions. He also accelerates from a stop and go situation as well as any participant I saw. He probably is better suited at a defensive back or even a wide receiver as he displays upper level quickness and agility. He is especially interested in Vanderbilt.

Wade Markley – Bishop Dwenger H.S.

This is another player in Indiana's quarterback jungle who will have to prove himself during the season. Wade will make his first start as a senior. Markley has the size at 6' 4" and 200 lbs. He displayed some noticeable abilities, but lacks the game experience. Keep your eye on Ft. Wayne Dwenger if Marley performs well. We will monitor his progress.

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