First Look: Brown Expected to Deliver

My job is fun. I travel around to football camps, clinics and combines looking for football gold. A young man in running back drills was quick and displayed that "something extra" that captures a football coach's eye. One of the camp director's (Steve Snodgrass) said, "Oh, that's Coy Brown. He is just going to be a sophomore." Over the next few years, Brown will deliver.

Coy Brown doesn't have the body of a 15 year old and that is what first catches your eye. He is 6' 0" and 190 lbs. He played mostly outside linebacker as a freshman for NorthWood's IHSAA regional championship team. NorthWood's long time football coach, Rich Dotson, retired and Scott Hoover takes over the helm. Hoover was the defensive coordinator and told me that he felt extremely comfortable in tough situations playing this freshman. When I asked if Coy was going to play more offense at running back, Coach Hoover said that possibility was certainly open. If you ask Coy, it is a definite.

Coy will be just a sophomore and is playing 3 sports. He has already discovered that track is "spring football" in Indiana. He participates in 100, 200, high jump and the 4 x 100 relay. He played on the NrothWood's basketball team as well, but as he said to me, "football is my passion." He has set some pretty lofty goals for his sophomore season. "I want to rush for 1,300 yards, catch at least 20 passes and play outside linebacker."

I asked him what Coy what he had learned by being able to play varsity his freshman year. He simply replied, "It was a great experience for me. I learned that I could compete against older players at a higher level than I realized." When I asked him where he wanted to play, he said he is looking down south and listed Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio State. Sophomore dreams will have to find themselves grounded in the reality of hard work and opportunity.

Coy's simple goal is to help his team compete for a state championship. What caught the scout's eye in Ft. Wayne was some abilities that shined locked in a sophomore who has the opportunity to grow and develop into a fine football player. On our first look, Coy Brown caught our attention. The second look will be up to him.

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