Indiana High School D1 Hopefuls Go Camping

The D1 camping experience is relatively new to me. It seems to be a huge endeavor and money maker for D1 programs. I certainly understand why it's done because it is the final inspection, or the confirmation of a player's legitimacy in the eyes of those evaluating him. At best, it's a positive educational football experience. At worst, it's a classic "meat on the hoof" recruiting mentality.

Some Indiana high school football coaches may be looking around during summer workouts wondering where their star players might be. Over the course of the next few weeks, many of them will be traveling, armed with a GPS and cell phone. Football players will be spanning the schools of the Big 10 – SEC – Big East –ACC and some are even going to the left coast and the PAC 10.

I have talked to several players and parents with the ending of the school year and the beginning of summer camps. Parents are getting ready to make trips and players are packing up and getting ready to show up. Kofi Hughes (quarterback from Cathedral) may have the biggest whirlwind camps schedule. According to his communiqué, he will be travelling to as far as Boston College in the east and going west to Champaign, Illinois for the Fighting Illini camp. But in between, he has camp stops planned at 8 other schools, making 10 camps in all.

Jack Denton has set his sights on 3 or maybe 4 camps. He plans to attend the Indiana University camp, Ball State camp, and also will be at Kentucky. Sean Alford, who is a long snapper at Lafayette Harrison, plans to attend long snapper camps at Bowling Green and Ball State. Zack Fromme will travel to Penn State and be at Cincinnati for camp and hopes to make an impact on his D1 opportunities.

Warsaw's Justin Clemens will be traveling to 5 camps this summer and will be looking at Cornell while out east. He will be going to all 4 Indiana BCS school camps. Ross Hendrickson, Ritter's state champion signal caller, is eyeing summer camp opportunities at Northern Illinois, Akron, Ohio University and Ball State. We can call that the MAC tour. Chase Varndell will be going to Miami of Ohio and Ball State, while planning 3 other camp experiences. Bryn Schwartz from Terre Haute South will be going to 8 camps and trying to balance camps and being the senior leader of his high school team.

Kris Harley of Warren Central has connections out at Virginia Tech, and will then come back to Ohio State for his summer camp. Jake Reed, another underclassman, will be going to team camp at Indiana University, but has plans to go to 3 other camps at D1 schools.

Parents have told IVS that camps can cost between $ 40 to $250. Any camp that feeds a camper will cost more and some camps are overnight camps. But, for the most part, one day camps are a sure fire way to keep college coach's expenses down, and often gives them the "hands on" they want when evaluating a player. The next big round of offers will come in the mail after these camps, or at an unofficial visit before high school football practices start.

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