Lineman Competition Reveals Possibilities

Arriving at one of the finest high school football facilities in Indiana, I could see nothing but some of Indiana's best high school players running, catching and defending the pass. But, my first question to Derek Moyers (head coach at Pike and tournament director) was, "Where is the lineman competition?" He pointed and said "Over there somewhere."

I should have looked for the muddiest place on the expansive Pike campus and I would have found the linemen.

There were all sizes of young men together in the slop where the tug of war was being raged. It was funny to listen to each team talk about how to attack this event. Eyes were raised when Hamilton Heights won the event over Pike. I nearly lost it when a lineman from a metro school proclaimed, "They should have won. They are a bunch of country boys." What I did take note of was the anchor on the back of the Hamilton Heights team. He is probably one of the strongest linemen in Indiana - Garrison McElroy.

Some of these players are not listed in the Scout database. We will eliminate that problem this week. But the following linemen were impressive to other coaches and I have put them in alphabetical order. Interestingly enough, some of them play on one side of the ball.

Brandon Davis
Ft. Wayne Wayne HS
6' 2" 350 lbs.

Kevin Ellis
Yorktown HS
6' 7" 275 lbs. (definitely under the radar)

Willie Hunter
Ben Davis HS
6' 2' 280 lbs.

Garrison McElroy
Hamilton Heights HS
6' 4" 295 lbs. (a true strongman)

Nick Rice
Greenwood HS
6' 6" 305 lbs. (excellent feet)

Dequan Slaughter
Pike HS
6' 3" 270 lbs. (offensive guard written all over him)

Kody Woods
Pike HS
6' 3" 295 lbs. (as good of feet as I have seen anywhere! Perfect NT in a 3 front!)

For the 11 years I have been a part of promoting Indiana high school football across the Internet, one of the biggest concerns is the under development of Indiana high school linemen. In the 2009 recruiting season, Indiana's most sought after recruit has been an offensive lineman. I honestly think that we have turned the tide and have some big athletic boys that should interest many college programs.

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