Logan Young Commits to His Dream

There is something to be said about a young man who sets his sight on something and does everything in his power to accomplish that dream. I had the opportunity to write the first article about this tall, young receiver, who is also a basketball star at Delta High School. But next fall, he will don the cream and crimson and play football. In his eyes, this is a dream come true.

"It is my dream come true to play in the Big 10," Logan Young told us at Indiana Varsity Scout over the phone. "I have a very positive relationship with the Indiana coaching staff and I am comfortable with their expectations of my ability and what I can do," Young spoke openly. The 6'5" 190 lb. Delta High School wide receiver had spent quite a bit of time at team camp on the Bloomington campus.

Earlier in the morning, IVS had talked to his father while Logan was at weight lifting at Delta High School. "We are excited for him and it is a dream come true," related Jon Young (Logan's father). Logan also played basketball for Delta, who has had successful runs in the past during the state tournament. But his eyes were always set on putting on the pads for the Hoosiers and playing at Memorial Stadium.

Young has a genuine understanding of the process in that he believes he may be red shirted his first season. That will make it a little easier on the family, who is travelling every weekend in the fall to watch his older brother, Brady, play at Wabash College. But even with his height and weight, a year's worth of a college strength program and maturity can be beneficial, not to mention that if everything goes right academically, a 5th year can mean an MBA for Logan as an added benefit.

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