Indiana has #1 Rated Junior Kicker

The world of any kicker in American tackle football is one of solitude. Kickers practice alone as they simulate kickoffs, extra points and field goals. Games are often decided by an extra point or field position contributed by the kicker. It is a different kind of pressure, and the results are often exhilarating or debilitating.

Kyle Christy 6-1 170 is considered one of the best kickers in the nation as a junior.

Indiana has the top rated junior kicker in the nation, according to Kohl's. Kohl's is one of the leading camps and arenas for kickers to learn their craft. Colleges often use their data and recommendation to recruit a kicker. The 2009 camp season is over and Kyle Christy is ranked as the number one junior prospect in the nation for kicking.

Kyle kicks for Brownsburg HS in Brownsburg, IN. His head football coach is Brett Comer and Brett understands what a weapon he has in Kyle. Kyle noted that any drive that stalls from the 50 yard line on is considered field goal territory. In his senior campaign he will concentrate on practicing field goals and extra points without the use of a tee.

Kyle admits that his weight room regimen helps make him one of the best kickers. "My strength coach has given me the program and the tools specific to making me the strongest kicker I can be," Kyle told Indiana Varsity Scout. I also asked him if kicking was a lot like golf in that hitting the ball with your foot is like hitting a golf ball with a club. He responded that "Kicking is using leg speed to drive through the ball, in some ways it is like golf," he said.

He produced and gained confidence as a sophomore when he kicked a 50 yard field goal against Fishers HS. Against Lafayette Jefferson he kicked 4 field goals in a game, the longest from 43 yards, the shortest 25 yards. Kyle also punts and admits that punting is a much harder skill than kicking. "So many things have to go right in punting from catching the snap, the drop of the ball, and it has to make correct contact with your foot. The margin of error is greater."

One of the issues that in my opinion is disturbing is that Kyle is not allowed to play on his school soccer team because his HS soccer coach wants his full attention. Brett Comer (HFC) would allow the double duty, but the soccer coach will not, so in the fall Kyle concentrates on kicking the oblong ball rather than the round ball. He still plays club soccer in the spring and enjoys it very much.

When you are rated as one of the best kickers in the nation, his other kicking camp, Chris Sailer Kicking, rates him as the 11th best prospect (4.5 rating out of 5). One thing is obvious, he is not going to quit working at becoming the best. At 6-1 and 165 there is room for lean muscle gain. I saw Kyle kick at the SOS camp at Pike HS. He has that leg whip that generates more speed than muscling the football. Another year of maturity and the sky could be the limit, or higher in the sky.

Like every football player I talk to, he has dreams and aspirations and football kickers are no different. He would love to kick at the best venues. After all, what school wouldn't want a kicker that has a #1 rating behind him from a respected kicking camp? Ohio State and Indiana of the Big Ten Conference are on his list and he obviously gravitates to warmer climates as he thinks the Southeastern Conference could use his talents and abilities. He lists Florida, LSU, Vanderbilt and Tennessee as possibilities. Finally, he has kicked at Notre Dame and considers it a "golden" opportunity.

Kyle Christy is a quiet introvert who has confidence in his abilities and currently is an Indiana HS player ranked 1st by a national camp whose reputation depends upon their ability to promote the best. Right now they say this young Jr. kicker is the best.

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