Kyle Kennedy Generates Early Interest

Kyle Kennedy plays linebacker for the Cathedral Irish. Friday night his presence was felt many times with his speed, ability to read, react and make or assist on tacking Carmel ball carriers. At 6' 3" and 200 lbs. he is just starting the recruiting process. Kyle has already attracted attention from one school with the same nickname as his high school...The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Part of the real fun of dong this job with Scout is watching young players begin their careers and start the recruiting process. For Kyle Kennedy, playing as a sophomore on Indiana's 2008 4A state champion team allows him the one valuable thing that colleges want - experience playing prep football at a high level.

Kyle began to play football at the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) level and he naturally matriculated right into Cathedral. Drawn by the strong academic tradition, Kyle cites this as one of the main attractions his family saw at Cathedral. His father graduated from Perry Meridian, a local township school, and played defensive tackle at D3 Wabash. But for his two sons, he wanted a private school and the family is entrenched at Cathedral HS.

"One of the unique things I have discovered in Cathedral football is the tight knit family," Kyle stated. "On game day we get letters literally from all over the world wishing us luck or from former alumni who are thinking of us. That is a pretty powerful motivator for our team," Kyle added. There is always talk about tradition and expectations according to Kyle. Cathedral is Indiana's most successful football program.

Kyle plays another sport. He is on the Cathedral Lacrosse team. "I love Lacrosse. I believe it really helps me be a better linebacker," Kyle stated as a matter of fact. "You have to run, change directions and you can hit people. It really is hockey on grass with a metal stick." Jake Zupancic got him interested in Lacrosse and Cathedral always has one of the top rated Lacrosse teams in Indiana.

Now that the season has started for this young junior linebacker, interest in him has begun to grow quickly. One thing that happens fast on the recruiting networks is the buzz that begins when names begin to bounce across the recruiting networks. An article in "Irish Eyes" about Kyle's camp attendance and the impression he made on the Notre Dame staff certainly helped.

Coach Rick Streiff simply commented that Kennedy had great possibilities. Truthfully, there are several players on the Cathedral team that are gaining interest, but right now with week 2 looming in the 2009 season, the only concern is a powerful Warren Central team. This is what Kyle Kennedy will use to measure himself against as he plays some of Indiana's best football players. Taking on Carmel and Warren Central certainly isn't shying away from big time competition. Schools that have taken an interest in him are aforementioned Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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