Hale enters Jr. Recruiting Season 1 Up

Joel Hale wasn't operating under Indiana University's radar. They had seen the big junior over the summer in team camp at the IU campus. His team is currently the defending big school champs (Center Grove) and, according to others, Hale has the size, strength and speed, and will only get bigger, faster, and stronger over the course of his senior year.

Hale said of his times spent on the IU campus, "They have made a commitment to football. The new facilities are pretty amazing and the time I spent with the coaches was very positive." The big defensive end is 6-5 and 285lbs as a junior. Indiana University (as noted in previous scout articles) is definitely making an impact on Indiana high school underclassmen as Hale is the second junior from the Hoosier state offered by IU.

"The Center Grove coaches called me into the office and they all had stern looks on their faces. I thought I was in trouble..." The coaches then closed the door and the blinds and looked at one another. Coach Moore extended his hand and said, "Congratulations, Indiana University has extended you a full ride offer to play football," Hale related. "I just sat there in shock and awe," Hale said. Each of the coaches offered their congratulations and Hale said he was speechless.

Eric Moore, head football coach at Center Grove, gives high praise to his junior defensive end. "Joel Hale is an outstanding high school football player. He possesses many attributes that will allow him to become an outstanding college student athlete. Joel has awesome work ethic, excellent size and strength. He is an agile athlete for his size, and could play 5 different positions in college." Coach Moore went on to say, "His best trait is high character values. He understands right from wrong, and is a leader by action. What recruiters love beside his size, is his will to leave everything on the field. He is relentless in games and practice, he makes everyone better."

Hale is a product of one of the most prestigious youth football programs in the state of Indiana. Like most Center Grove Trojans, football has been a part of his life since the 4th grade playing for the Center Grove Bantam Football Program. There is no doubt that Indiana is high on his list, but there are other schools who expressed interest in Joel Hale. Illinois and Notre Dame have expressed more than the usual form letter of casual interest.

Hale is concentrating right now on the playoffs. As of Friday night, Center Gove made it to round two and has a date with Columbus East. Center Grove cleared their first playoff hurdle and Joel Hale got his first offer which usually leads to more over the course of the off season.

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