What's Kicking in Southern Indiana (Who!)

You don't have to coach long to understand that kickers are a different breed. Raised on soccer and converted to football's special teams, kickers are invaluable. They usually are the loneliest guys on the team and since not much football news filters up from southern Indiana, when Indiana Varsity Scout heard about Cory Little, we knew we had a story.

Cory Little has been kicking for North Posey (way down on the tip of southwest Indiana) for the last three seasons (sophomore-senior). Depending on who you ask, some say he is the best (senior) kicker in Indiana, while others won't argue that he certainly is well known in southern Indiana. But, as with all kickers, the bottom line is numbers and opportunities.

Little is a three sport athlete and says the sport of wrestling has made him mentally tough as a kicker and helps him understand the individual pressure and how to handle it. He attempted six field goals in 2009 and was 5 for 6 in attempts. His longest was 46 yards and his shortest was 28 yards. In extra points (the last report IVS received) he had kicked 23 out of 24 attempts.

In his kickoffs when not asked to onside (3 times) he was consistently in the end zone or inside the 5 yard line. During his career he has attempted 17 field goals and has made 15 of those attempts. Little has been remarkably consistent his whole kicking career with his longest kick being a 49 yard field goal. This is what caught the attention of IVS. When called upon to execute, Cory got the job done. What else can you ask from your kicker? Well, honestly he was asked to play running back for 4 games and filled in nicely, with one game rushing for 69 yards. As we mentioned, Cory is an athlete.

Kickers are often the last recruited and yet Cory has already been accepted to Southern Illinois and Indiana State as a student. He would love to be able to kick for any team. "I have a keen interest in Southern Illinois and have seen a football game there and believe I could easily be their kicker," Cory told IVS with confidence. "I would like to stay close to home so my family could see me play."

Cory has worked with Chris Boniol exclusively as well as the Ray Guy Kicking Camp in the summers and has the recommendation of Chris Boniol as one of his best students of kicking. "Coach Boniol has taught me a lot about the fundamentals of kicking, but also the mental game that a kicker must possess," Chris stated. Chris is planning a trip back to Southern Illinois and will be going to several more colleges to look over their campus and facilities. He hopes by this time next fall to be kicking footballs in a college practice.

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