Ralston Evans Ready On So Many Fronts

Ralston Evans is a very capable player and, in fact, earns the highest praise from his Head Coach Rob Patchett, calling him one of the best linemen he has coached. Indianapolis Public School football is in a stage of flux, but Ralston Evans is about as focused as a player can be. He has the size, grades, and talent to play big time college football. He has a confident outlook for a big future.

Ralston Evans isn't worried about what the adults are doing in IPS, he is currently playing basketball for Arlington with his svelte 6-4 260 lb frame so he can improve his lateral movement and feet for his starting power forward position. "I take a lot of charges and my coach likes me around the rim," he admits. But this isn't a basketball article, this is all about football and Ralston as he enters his senior year (2011) will carry the moniker of the best lineman in the city.

He understands that football is his ticket. When you talk to him you know he is focused and has set some lofty goals. The first impressive fact is Ralston holds a 3.8 GPA and knows that the first hole punched in his ticket to big time football will be his noteworthy transcript. "His grades are just as important as his football," related Coach Patchett. That is why he can easily plan on going to Jr. Days and know that getting into college is not a question, it will simply be which college.

"I have been told that if I wanted to advance my football opportunities I should attend a township school," he told the Indiana Varsity Scout. "But, I know I can and have been successful at Arlington." Arlington plays a pretty good schedule which has included private and parochial power schools like Indianapolis Cathedral and Indianapolis Chatard. "What I like about our coaches and our team is we do not back down from anyone, we will play all comers," Ralston stated as a matter of fact.

Ralston got some attention by performing well last summer at the Scout Combine in Chicago. He plans on attending several opportunities to showcase his talent. He tries to stay in the weight room as much as he can and benches 295, squats 505, and power cleans 250. Just as important is that he likes being a member of The National Honor Society and is currently a "Kickoff Mentor." He mentors 7th and 8th grade students to help them make school a positive experience like it has been for him.

Ralston plans on attending Jr. Days at Indiana University and Cincinnati this winter. He is interested in Indiana, Cincinnati, Pursue, Iowa and Duke. "Ralston has a high energy motor and for an offensive linemen that is rare. He stays with his blocks and is a good technician, but we tell him there is always room for improvement," Coach Patchett reiterated.

Evans is looking forward to his senior year and all the opportunities it holds for him. He believes that he will be prepared for those opportunities that come his way and isn't afraid to chase them down if he has to, or knock them down and make them his opportunities.

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