Woods the Classic Offensive Guard

At 6-2 ½ (that half is important to D1 offensive line candidates) 295 pound Kody Woods has completed his junior year at Pike High School. Noted for wide receivers and fast kids, Coach Derek Moyers says he has no trouble promoting Kody Woods to colleges at the highest level. His work ethic and desire is what makes him a viable candidate in a year of excellent linemen prospects in Indiana.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to be talking about a lot of linemen on both sides of the ball, and Kody has played both sides of the ball at Pike. In a rare twist for a 5A mega-school, Kody takes his turn at NG in Pike's 35 defense, but he is primarily a guard and will play guard in college. He is a brick if you look at him, never satisfied with his speed development. Strength and Conditioning Coach Moe Sutton has him hopping, skipping and jumping (plyometrics). Getting stronger isn't the issue, but pulling and executing his favorite trap plays quicker and faster is the desired goal.

"When I came to Pike, I was presented with a great opportunity and was asked to step up my game to a higher level," Kody told Indiana Varsity Scout. "At this level of football (Indiana's mega enrollment schools 3,500 to 5,000 in enrollment) the game comes at you faster and you have to have far more endurance because everyone is just as talented as you are," Woods explained. Woods played at Danville High School (a 3A school) and transferred during the summer of 2009. By week 3 of the 2009 season, Kody had found his way to the Red Devil offensive line.

Kody was fast to point out that 2010 has already started with the 45 juniors coming back to the Pike Red Devil football team. They were stunned when Avon beat them in the sectional playoff second round 10 to 7. That loss is enough to keep the flames of working hard burning every day. "My personal goal is to mature as a player and become a better leader and player for our team," Kody admitted.

Kody received an invitation to the Army Combine in San Antonio, Texas and has his eyes set on making his Junior Day visits having already made a trip to Northwestern. Louisville and Cincinnati have shown interest and his interest has not waned since those coaching changes have taken place. Purdue, Iowa and Indiana have expressed above average interest. Kody will make his way to several campuses in the next six weeks.

According to Head Coach Derek Moyers, his offensive lineman has what it takes to play at the next level and all you have to do is watch him workout in the Advanced Physical Conditioning class. "He is maturing as a player, he understands at this level you must be prepared to play at the highest physical and skill level to be successful in the games in which we compete," Moyers stated.

Woods is in a class of some pretty talented linemen in Indiana this season. Part of a group that I have simply called "The top of the Class." Woods can take his place in that class in 2010.

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