Madison Central takes on Scott County

Madison Central meets Scott County for the first time this season in a Class AAAA Playoff game. Madison Central brings a young team into the third round to face the Wing-T formation of Scott County.

Madison Central is coached by Kenny Turner and his spread offense has brought his team to the third round to face Scott County. Scott County predominately runs out of the Wing-T formation, but will mix things up on Turner and his defense.

Although Turner has not seen Scott County in person this season he says he knows what he is up against, "Scott County is a well-coached ball club that will present some problems for our team."

Turner will rely on his defense led by some of the few seniors he has in Ryan Barnes and Derek Warren. barnes, a 6'2 205 pound Free Safety, leads Turner's fast attacking defense. Turner will count on Warren to stop Scott County's running game from his Defensive End spot.

Madison Central, according to its coach, is "fast on both sides of the ball and we'll count on that speed," Turner says.

Turner is counting on a tough ball game and losing is not on his agenda, "We set goals of winning district, which we did; winning regionals, which we've done; and now we want to play for the state title and we don't expect anything less from our players," says Turner.

According to Turner, this playoff matchup will come down to the last second and the team with the ball at the sound of the gun will advance.

The State Title game is only a few weeks away and the pressure is on. Look for a Class AAAA matchup filled with big plays from both squads, but do not be surprised if one defense shines above the offenses in this game.

Stay Tuned to for updates on Madison Central's Ryan Barnes.

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