Kentucky's Top 2011 QBs

Kentucky is packed full of quality players this year. The quarterback position looks pretty strong overall. We take a look at some of those quarterbacks.

Unquestionably the top quarterback prospect in Kentucky's 2011 class is DaMarcus Smith of Seneca High School. Smith possesses a strong arm, solid accuracy and the ability to make plays through the air or on the ground when moving out of the pocket. The 6-foot-1 rising senior is working to raise his overall rankings on the national scale. But the quarterbacks in the class don't stop with Smith.

Christian Wallace - Ballard High School - Wallace has one of the strongest arms in the state. Wallace also has great size at 6-foot-5, 200-pounds. In previous years, he has spent most of his time escaping the pass rush and having to create on the run. But with him now being a part of the Ballard program, he'll have four-star receiver DeVante Parker to throw to and a much more talented overall supporting cast. This will give people a chance to see what Wallace is capable of with better players around him.

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