Video Feature: Luke Brohm

Saint Xavier quarterback Luke Brohm hopes that this season he'll be able to show his abilities more as a starting quarterback. This feature shows Brohm's throwing and running skills.

Saint Xavier isn't a team that has to depend on Brohm's skills because of the level of talent around him. But he does do what's required. "I'd say I'm a pretty good team leader. Everybody trusts me on the team," Brohm said. "I have pretty good arm strength. I am able to run or pass; whatever the situation needs. I am able to run our offense. I've learned a lot from the coaches," he continued.

Brohm saw himself get better every time he got a chance and he gives his teammate credit for that. "When I first got in, I didn't pass as good. I did good running the run plays," he said. "But as I got used to it, I got better. It's all from the support around me. The other players help me look good. It's a team thing," he continued.

Luke Brohm Junior Video

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