Breaking Out

Jalen Richard has a great come back story of his own after suffering a bad leg injury in high school his senior year. With many schools passing on the Louisiana native, Southern Miss stuck with him, and now they are reaping the benefits. He talks about his season and the final two games after practice Tuesday with

Jalen Richard came to Southern Miss because of the winning tradition and chance to compete for championships. This season has been a big surprise to him, but he says it has taught him a lot even as a freshman.

"It has certainly made me stay humble," he said. "That grows from me tearing my ACL and not playing my senior year, I learned to never take anything from granted.

"Coming here and going through this has really grounded me and has taught me to not give up. I have so much respect for all my teammates because no one has given up. We are out there going 100% and I thank my teammates for that."

Richard credits the seniors for all they have taught him and the way they have helped bring him along this year.

"Those guys have influenced me a lot," he said. "Dez and I have come close through the film room and that terrible camp we went through. Dez, and the guys on the line and some of the guys on the defense have influenced me in some way or the other.

"They have given me a lot of advice and just off the field things about being in college. I appreciate them for that."

With two games left, Richard said there is just one focus.

"We just want to get that W," he said. "I think consistency is a key for us, we'll have a good drive and then go cold for several in a row.

"We just cannot give up. We have to keep that consistency and tempo and just find a way to win for these seniors."

Richard has certainly grown a lot this season, as he becomes one of the more productive backs for the Eagles this year.

"Coming in, I didn't know how I would be able to contribute," he said. "I'm glad I'm able to produce for the team. I just wanted to do anything to help the team.

"The players have done a lot for me and have supported me. My biggest area of growth is in pass protection. I am growing and learning and am thankful for this year of experience.

"We are going to turn this thing around."

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