Just Maximizing Potential Combine

Most of the combines have come and gone but high school athletes along the Gulf Coast have one more opportunity to showcase their skills at the inaugural Just Maximizing Potential Combine on July 25.

On Saturday, July 25, Just Maximizing Potential will host its first annual high school football combine for high school athletes at Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, Louisiana.  The combine is open to all high school athletes in grades 10-12 who register before the deadline. 


Jerren Pierce, the founder of Just Maximizing Potential, is hoping to give exposure to high school athletes who are having a hard time getting recognized by college recruiters. A Vandebilt Catholic graduate himself, Pierce knows the importance of giving student-athletes from smaller schools a chance to shine. 


“Being from Houma you notice that a lot of talent in athletics goes unnoticed,” Prince said. “Star athletes get star attention but living in a smaller town doesn’t lend itself to the sort of exposure that every student athlete is entitled to.”


The combine consists of a series of events including the 40-yard dash, bench press, kicking drills, and many others. The athletes will be filmed and assessments will be made based on physical traits and performance standards. 


Upon completing the combine, each athlete will receive his own profile page on the company’s website, Justmp.com. In addition to posting information about the athlete including GPAs, statistics, and highlight videos, the website will mainly serve as a social networking site for athletes, coaches, and recruiters. 


 “When I was coming out of high school, we didn’t have this type of opportunity,” says Pierce.  “I was a player with potential but just didn’t get recruited. Just Maximizing Potential will give student-athletes across the country the opportunity to showcase their abilities on our website. Members can update their profiles, upload videos of themselves, and post their stats in addition to all the benefits that a social networking site offers.”


Athletes can register at the website, Justmp.com; the registration fee is $100. Jerren Pierce can be reached at (985) 381-2257 or at justmaximizingpotential@gmail.com.

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