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One of the Louisiana's top shooting guards for 2010 and most successful player to have ever played for Coach Timmy Byrd at Reserve Christian and now Riverside Academy has made his decision. Cedric Jenkins, a 6-foot-1, 175-pounder, has officially verbally committed to former Iowa State coach Larry Eustachy and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

"I am very excited to attend Southern Miss" an excited Cedric Jenkins told Louisiana Basketball Report. "I am glad I found a place that fits my personality. Southern Miss reminds me of myself. Very laid back, straight forward, good environment and I love the town of Hattiesburg, MS and its people."



Question and Answer Session with Cedric Jenkins


1. How excited are you on signing with Southern Miss? I'm very excited, I'm glad I found a place that fits my personality.


2. In your opinion, what makes Southern Miss the right place for you? Southern Miss reminds me of myself... Very laid back, straight forward, good environment and I love the town of Hattiesburg, MS and its people.


3. What set Southern Miss apart from the rest of the schools recruiting you? They were very honest and straight forward.


4. What schools recruited you and did you have offers from? UNO, Tulane, Baylor, UTEP, LA TECH and Virginia TECH.


5. What do you think of Coach Eustachy, Coach Timmy Heiar (G.H.) and the Southern Miss family? Coach Eustachy has the same qualities as coach Timmy. G.H. was really nice and I appreciated him showing us around campus. And the guys were very cool and I enjoyed being around them and like always I will continue to work hard.


6. What has being at a program like Reserve and Riverside done for you and your recruiting if anything? If it wasn’t for me attending those programs, who knows where I would be. I'm very thankful for the opportunities that I've been given.


7. What has it been like playing for a great coach in Timmy Byrd? Coach Timmy is responsible for transforming me into an all-around player, leader and not just a three-point shooter.


8. Who do you want to thank for supporting you through your career at Reserve and Riverside? God first, my mom, Coach Timmy, Coach Ronnie Byrd, my friends and family, St John and St Charles recreation, Louisiana Select, Lake Ponchartrain Elementary and the students, teammates and parents of both Riverside and Reserve Christian.


9. What are your expectations for your career at Southern Miss and how do you plan on helping them win? Also, how do you see yourself contributing as a freshman? My expectations are to continue my career of winning and touching every person I meet in some kind of way. I see myself contributing as a freshman by accepting my role and giving 110% by working hard towards my degree and by being a positive teammate and USM student on and off campus.

10. What will you miss most about being in high school and the recruiting scene?  I will miss all the fans and parents that I have come in contact with in the last four years and also my teammates.


11. What has it meant to you being around a couple of great guards that played at Riverside in Tweety Carter (Baylor) and Ed McCain (Bradley)? I looked up to those guys. They were a big part in helping me develop my leadership skills.


12. What do you want the Southern Miss fans to know about Cedric Jenkins, the player and the person? Honest, hardworking, positive, dedicated, with outgoing personality, with a winning attitude, and with God I know that all things are possible!


13. What family members or coaches or other people have really influenced you and helped you throughout your four years of high school? There's a million answers to this question, and I don’t want to leave anyone out but a few names are my mom Crystal Jenkins, my AAU coach Mike Theus, Coach Timmy Byrd and Ronnie Byrd


14. What do you want to tell your teammates who you have played with over the last four years? I want them to know I love them and they can ask me for anything they need or call me anytime and I will never forget them.

15. What is your expected major at USM? I’m still undecided.

16. Give me all your accolades while in High School: 1st Team All-State (4 times), 4-time all-district, 2008 MVP of state title game, 4-time Top-28 All State, 4-time state champ.


17. What schools did you visit? Tulane and Southern Miss


18. Favorite food: Gumbo

      NBA player/College player: Joe Johnson and Tweety Carter

      pre-game ritual: Focus, Clown and pray with my teammates

      favorite rapper/singer: Young Jeezy

      favorite TV Show: anything on ESPN

      favorite thing to do in your free time: Chill and Relax



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