Dingle wants toughness over finesse

South Lake (Mich.) junior linebacker Jalen Dingle attended the NFL H.S.P.D. combine in Detroit and caught up with Fox Sports Next on how the day went and his recent commitment with Bowling Green State University.

DETROIT--Impressions were high as Jalen Dingle engaged in each linebacker drills. With movements flowing smoothly and his strength showing in the one-on-ones, Dingle was one of the elected MVP candidates at the end of the combine.

Dingle, who is a standout 2014 linebacker out of South Lake (Mich.), played with physical toughness in each drill as the combine went on and it's one of the reasons he feels more comfortable at the defensive position.

"I like linebacker the best," he said. "I'm a physical player so that's the one I'm playing right now."

Dingle mentioned that the tackling aspect was a big part to why he likes linebacker over tight end.

"Tackling; I'm a more physical person with the offense [where] there's a lot of things you can't do," he said. "Defense; there's really no rules.

"Even though I play [tight end], tight ends are soft. I just like hitting people. Putting my hands on them [and] throwing them to the dirt. If you throw someone to the dirt at tight end; you get called for holding."

That's why he feels he's a much better prospect at linebacker.

"I'm getting recruited to play outside linebacker right now," Dingle said. Speaking of recruiting, Dingle recently decided to commit to Bowling Green University because of the family atmosphere the team displayed to him and his own family.

"For one, the family atmosphere; the way the coaches treat me, all the academic support they got is basically impossible to fail," Dingle said. "They look out after you [and] they treat you like you're their son.

"One thing big is they actually looked out for my family. When we came up there it was blistering cold and I asked where my mom go? The coach talking about don't worry she up in my office chilling. So I can see they take care of their players."

With his parents a big part in his decision, Dingle was promised that any school he chose would be his decision.

"My parents had a big thing to do with my commitment, but ultimately it's your choice in where you want to go because where I'm playing for four to five years," Dingle said. "They were real big on Bowling Green."

Dingle mentioned that there were a couple players he was working on to get to come with him.

"One in the Cleveland area, Dameon Willis," he said. "Right now I'm working on Thomas Jones from CPA.

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