Brother Rice ready to battle Catholic Central

Cody Nolen is hoping he has saved his best for last.

he 6-foot-1, 235-pound senior nose guard-center for Birmingham Brother Rice is in his third varsity season with the Warriors and hopes to help his team bid for a state title while getting ready for what he hopes is a highly successful collegiate careeer.

Nolen has racked up 10 solo tackles in his first three games. The Warriors are 2-1 and have won their last two.

"I'm pleased, but there's always room for improvement," he said. "There's not a weak opponent on our schedule. We have to be ready to play."

Nolen and the Warriors are especially anxious for their showdown this weekend against two-time defending Division I state champion Detroit Catholic Central, also 2-1.

"We just have to come out fired up," Nolen said. "We can't make mistakes. That's the biggest thing. We can't miss a block or tackle or we won't be able to beat them."

Nolen has been playing offensive line the last three years.

"Center is my favorite position," he said. "My freshman year, I was at linebacker. The last two years, I've played nose guard."

But on offense, "the center is the leader on the line," he said. "I like to step it up. The snap is the first thing. You obviously can't do anything without the snap."

He's always been consistent on the snap, Nolen said. "Last year, I became a pretty good blacker too."

On defense, "I've handled the load well and they haven't been knocking me down. I need to keep the offensive center out of the play. I'm quick off the line."

Nolen has been contacted by Illinois, Indiana, Air Force and Toledo.

"I'm waiting to see what kind of opportunities come my way," he said. "But those are the four that have contacted me so far."

Nolen is planning on waiting until the end of the season and also check opportunities with other college programs before making his decision.

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