Taylor-made for college football?

Spread the word: Farmington Hills Harrison is alive and kicking.

Kyle Taylor, for one, wants to make that very clear.

Taylor's Hawks pulled out a 13-12 victory against Rochester Adams Friday night to improve to a 5-1 record. The team that had won five straight state titles prior to last season, is making a run at a strong finish in the playoffs this year.

A healthy Kyle Taylor would especially improve Farmington Hills Harrison's fortunes. The 6-foot-250-pound Taylor has been out since early in the season.

Taylor returned to practice last week and the Harrison tight end-defensive end is set to return to the lineup perhaps as early as next weekend.

"During that first game. someone came down on my knee. I went back faster than I should have," Taylor said.

The senior defensive end/offensive linebacker is in his third varsity season.

"Blocking has been a key for me on offense,'" he said. "But catching the ball is a strength for me, too. But I don't feel as strong toward catching as I do on blocking."

Once he returns to the lineup, Taylor isn't quite sure how strong he'll be and how long it will take him to get back in the groove.

With the victory against Rochester Adams, Taylor likes the direction in which his team is headed.

"We're off to a pretty good start," he said. "We've won five in a row. I believe we can do very well in the playoffs."

Taylor plans on playing college football after this season. His top three possibilities right now are Stanford, Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan.

"I visited Central and sort of have visited Eastern," Taylor said. "I hope to go to Stanford for a visit." It's wide open amongst those three schools," Taylor said.

"I'm not sure if someone else might come in or not," he said. "The tradition of the school, plus the coaching staff are factors I'll take a look at."

While he hopes to help Harrison contend for another state title, Taylor is looking to turn his game up a few notches and improve for the college level.

"I just want to get stronger and quicker," he said.

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