Trieu Prospect Blog: 09 Phenom Hersey Jackson

Hersey Jackson is one of the top players in the state regardless of class. Now throw in that he'll only be a junior this fall and understand why so many schools are already sending him mail. Find out more about him in our "know this prospect" segment, the Trieu Prospect Blog.

Name: Hersey Jackson
School: Allendale High School
Why he's a Trieu Prospect: Combination of size, speed and tough running. Impressive build and physical physique at a young age.

Hersey Jackson knows how to make an early impression. The first time I saw him play was this past season against Calvin Christian. Three carries, 124 yards and two touchdowns in the first three series. Though that game would be canceled due to rain moments later, I was impressed with someone that big running that fast. After watching his tape, I saw much more of the same.

You see, he didn't just make an early impression on me, Jackson did on everyone the previous season as a freshman. He rushed for 884 yards on 125 carries and 14 touchdowns that season. That summer at the Ohio State NIKE camp, he was one of the better players there despite being only 14 years old. That success surprised Hersey as much as it did everyone else.

"It was weird," he said of his sudden rise, "Especially cause I didn't play my 8th grade year."

That's right, he didn't play as an 8th grader and the best was still ahead for this young man. Last season as a sophomore, he followed up his great freshman year with 1705 yards on 181 carries (that's a 9.4 average for those of you without a calculator). For good measure, he also averaged 45 yards a kick return and recorded 5 sacks and 39 tackles as a defensive end on defense.

But defense is not what he'll be playing in college. At 6'1, 215 lbs, Jackson has the look of a body builder. He runs a little upright, but is a track kid and is fast for a big guy. He'll remind you of Eddie George a little.

This summer, he'll camp at Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State where he'll likely make similar impressions to what he's shown me. His top five are Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Central Michigan and Wisconsin. All schools in the midwest...give this young man another year and he might just have offers from schools all over America.

- Allen Trieu

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