Hooey Gets New Offer and More

Hillsdale TE Sean Hooey got some good news this weekend when he received another scholarship offer and was compared to a soon to be NFL 1st Round draft pick.

Sean Hooey may have played tight end last year, but it is more than his performance there that has him as one of the hot prospects in Michigan right now.

"Coach Debord (at Michigan) loves Sean's ability to long snap," his father, Tim reported.

In addition, Central Michigan coaches have been comparing him to their soon to be 1st Round pick, OT Joe Staley. Similarly built to Hooey in high school, Staley converted to offensive tackle and transformed himself into a top tier left tackle. Chippewa coaches see the same type of potential in Hooey and thus, offered him a scholarship when he visited for this week's spring game.

"It was a great game, they are looking strong and they're still pretty spread out as far as the offense goes," Mr. Hooey said.

The spread out attack is one reason Hooey is at Hillsdale after transferring from Lichtfield.

"The Hillsdale coaches are very excited about using Sean more in the passing game."

With Cincinnati also pursuing Sean hard, it is getting tougher and tougher for him to make a decision. He lists Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State and those Chippewas of Central Michigan as has favorites at the moment.

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