Trieu Prospect Blog 2: WR EJ Riley

In an effort to identify prospects who are lurking below the radar in Michigan, we've started a blog where each week, we'll highlight a player we think needs a little more pub. Today, get to know Portage Central wideout EJ Riley.

NAME: EJ Riley
SCHOOL: Portage Central
POS: Wide Receiver
WHY HE'S A TRIEU PROSPECT: Good hands, nice frame, good blocking. Solid work ethic and character. EJ Riley said it simply in his initial e-mail: "I believe I am one of the best in the state." It was a rare bit of self promotion for someone who has been selfless for the past couple seasons.

Riley is a nice sized (6'0, 185) wideout with good athleticism and hands. But Portage Central runs the ball quite a bit, not ideal for a receiver looking for big time college attention. Riley only had 9 receptions for 225 yards and 1 TD. All following a strong sophomore season where he was moved up to varsity and established himself as a playmaker.

"Yeah, we don't throw the ball much," he reported, "but I tried to help the team by blocking and doing other things on the field."

It shows on his tape. Riley really lays the wood to some unsuspecting defenders. He also shows decent acceleration and game speed, which right now is the area he needs to improve (self reported 4.68 forty). He has the size and hands to become a solid possession wideout though. The kid really makes some nice grabs on the tape.

So, is he a division 1 prospect? That is yet to be determined at camps this summer. He certainly shows the potential to be. A few days ago, he e-mailed me again saying he was invited to several camps, Wisconsin's spring game and Illinois' junior day. Sounds like schools are taking notice.


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