Chicago Combine Notes - Linemen and 'backers was on hand at the College of DuPage this past weekend to see some of the state's best test, do drills and do some 1-1s and 7-7s. Here are our notes on the linemen and the linebackers.

Brent Kryder - Sr - Linden

Kryder was one of kids I was most impressed with over the course of the day. He did a fine job in 1-1s and looked good in drills. He doesn't have the mobility to project as a left tackle in college, but he looked like he could find himself at right tackle or guard.

Donald Mathis - Sr - Detroit Crockett
After a strong Cincinnati showing, Mathis was back for more in Illinois. He might not have tested as well as he hoped he would, but he once again was very fundamentally sound and tough in drills and 1-1s. He also looked to be in better shape, as he recently dropped over 15 lbs.

Justin Scott - Sr - Detroit Southeastern
Scott has some technical areas he must improve on, but he really looks the part. He has good size and pretty decent athleticism for someone 6'4, 275 lbs. He'll be a prospect we'll watch carefully this season.

Curtis Crain - Sr - Detroit Crockett

Curtis is on the shorter side, but he showed good quickness and put up good numbers in agility testing. He has a niche as a smaller, penetrating tackle. He looked to be the type who would do well in D2 or D1-AA, but he might also get some attention from MAC schools.

Markiese Powell - Sr - Jackson
Big Markiese was one of the largest players at this combine, weighing in at over 350 lbs. He'll have to get that down for college, but he showed good mobility for someone carrying tha amount of weight. He ran a 5.48 in the forty, solid for a big man and if he can get down to about 330, he'll be a fine run plugger at the next level.

Shelton Gaines - Sr - Detroit Crockett

Gaines was one of the stars on the Cincinnati combine with his pass rush skills, but an injury kept him out for 1-1s this time. Before that, he tested pretty well and did well in position drills. The comparison that always comes to mind when I see him is former Louisville Cardinal and current Denver Bronco DE Elvis Dumervil. Gaines isn't very big, but he is quick and simply knows how to get to the quarterback.

Stavon Owens - Sr - Highland Park
Owens is built like a tank, short, but very stocky and well built. He was excellent in 1-1 drills as his quickness and aggresiveness made him a tough assignment for the players trying to block him. Still, at 5'9, 200 lbs, he'll have a tough time being a college defensive end. Growing into a linebacker or a fullback would be my guess for his future.

Ricky Sprat - Sr - Detroit Southeastern
A boxer who didn't play football until a year ago as a result, Sprat has picked up the game quickly. He has a nice build and his boxing background has helped him with his footwork and hand work as a pass rusher. We'll have to watch him on film and this season to see how well he translates his skills and combine performances to actual games, but he has a lot of raw ability. One of the players who helped themselves most at the combine.

Aaron Archie - Sr - Detroit Cass Tech

Archie has played some LB and some safety, but he was a backer today and he translates his DB skills over well as a pass defender, but he'll need to add more size and strength before he can be considered a big time linebacker prospect.

Marcel Dubose - Sr - Highland Park
He certainly looks the part. He's physically impressive with a strong build. He ran and tested fairly well, which bodes well for him because with his lack of height, he may be tried outside. Although his style is more as an inside thumper.

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