Underclassmen Dominate Detroit Combine

Some of the more impressive performances at the 2007 ThinkPal Detroit combine were turned in by players who hadn't even seen a varsity snap yet. The raw talent of the Motor City was on display as these youngsters showed their skills and put themselves on the recruiting radar early.

2009 (Current Sophomores, Juniors to Be)
Dennis Martin - QB - Detroit Mumford - 2009
Martin was the most impressive quarterback in attendance. He has decent size at 6'2, 185 and has the strongest arm in the state! He was easily throwing the ball 65 yards and was throwing his posts and outs too hard at times for his receivers. The velocity he was generating on the ball was outstanding for a 15-year old kid. Downfield, he showed he wasn't all muscle as he put nice touch on the ball. He has played PAL, so he has yet to play high school ball, but he'll be the starter this fall and we'll be watching him as he was mobile enough too to be considered one of the top rising dual threat quarterbacks in the state. The true test will be his decision making and game sense in the fall, but he has outstanding tools.

Teric Jones - RB/DB/WR - Detroit Cass Tech - 2009
Jones was a star on JV last year scoring 16 touchdowns in 4 games before getting pulled up to varsity. He'll be one of Cass Tech's starters in the backfield this year and will be a home run threat every time he touches the ball with his 4.39 speed. He caught the ball decently well and did do some DB work and that could be another spot for him. Wherever he lines up, this is an outstanding athlete with the type of speed that cannot be taught.

Theophilus Amaechi - K - Detroit Mumford - 2009
Amaechi also plays wide receiver and cornerback, but he was truly impressive kicking the ball and that should be his ticket to college. He was hitting 40 yard field goals by a good margin and improved from kick to kick with even a little bit of instruction. This is all made more impressive by the fact that he was a soccer player who is just learning how to kick a football. It will be a little different once he has a rush on him, but with a summer of kicking, he should be one of the state's better kickers by the fall.

Cameron Gordon - WR/LB - Melvindale
Gordon is a solid 6'3, 190-lber who has already been tabbed by opposing coaches as a big time player. He doesn't have particularly blinding speed, but he runs nice routes, has good hands and uses his body well. As a linebacker, he is a tough and aggressive player and if he can add some weight, he could definitely play defense at the next level.

2010 (Current Freshmen, Sophomores to Be)
Ahmed Safeyeh - OT - WF Herman
A massive, 6'4, 321-lb tackle, Safeyeh will have to work hard on his footwork and technique, but he has tools.

Dior Mathis - CB - Detroit Cass Tech
Mathis blew everyone away with his 4.37 forty, but it was no surprise to those who knew his track background. He's still raw as a cornerback and didn't anticipate or break as quickly as the older defensive backs, but once he learns to trust his instincts and use his speed, he should be a good one. He must get stronger as well.

William Gholston - TE/DE - Detroit Mumford
That kid's a freshman? That was often what was heard when coaches and others in attendance found out about Gholston. A chisled 6'6, 225-lber, Gholston plays some receiver, but will be a tight end this year and by all accounts is a strong defensive player. As a receiver, he'll definitely be better once he grows into his frame a little bit, but he is not a big stiff, he has athletic ability as evidenced by his 4.8 forty. If he works hard, he could be a big timer.

Quincy Newson - WR/SS - Detroit Central
Newson is a versatile athlete with a good frame (6'3) and can add more weight to that. He has good quickness and agility for a lankier kid and as he fills out more, he should turn into a good target at receiver.

More coming from the ThinkPal Detroit Camp/Combine in the next week!

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