ScoutTV: 09 FB/RB Hersey Jackson

Allendale has not been a program known for pumping out high major college prospects, but for the last two seasons, Hersey Jackson has run roughshod over the competition and attracted the attention of recruiters from around the nation. Even though he still has two more years to go before heading to a college campus, he is still one of the best backs in the state.

Class of 2009
Allendale runs multiple sets, but works primarily out of a triple option look. Hersey is the fullback in this and the majority of the time, is getting the ball on quick hitters up the middle where the quarterback is making a read on whether to give it to him or pull back and run the option part. He occasionally moves into the pitchback/tailback role and is also used in the passing game when the team goes to an option look.

Hersey Jackson Sophomore Highlights Part 1:

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