Michigan Varsity 7-7 Road Journal

We've been going coast to coast instate, watching teams and players in preparation for the upcoming season. Here is a "road journal" (blog is becoming cliche) of sorts featuring our miscellaneous notes from our travels.

A couple players we don't mention enough have had big performances over the past couple of weeks.

Whitehall WR Tony Fountain has shredded the competition in 7-7s, his speed and route running have been tough to cover. He'll be a key for the Vikings this year without Ryan Van Bergen catching those underneath balls. QB Steven Annese seems to be getting more comfortable everyday and little brother Tyler Van Bergen, a sophomore, also looks ready to contribute.

In the big tournament at Saline, two receivers had big days. Saline's own Sam Burchyett and Livonia Stevenson's Myles White. Many in attendance felt White was maybe the MVP on the day along with Dearborn Fordson QB Mohammed Bazzy.

Speaking of Fordson, the new stadium and practice field looks beautiful. It is about time too! Kids had been complaining about that field for quite sometime.

There has been a buzz in Grand Rapids about Forest Hills Northern and the young kids they have coming up through the program. The kid everyone seems to be excited about is QB Dan Michaud, a freshman who could start on varsity and has been called by coaches a "division 1 prospect in football and baseball."

One of the most impressive players during practices for this past weekend's all star game was Detroit Cooley WR Andre Johnson. But apparently, they aren't done there. Demetrius Addison and Andrew Hall are both great players who will be getting college attention this season.

That's it for now, if construction doesn't hold me up too much, more will be coming soon! Thanks to everyone who has kept me updated on when and where these 7-7s are...keep it coming!

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