Top 200 Seniors: #20 Trenton Robinson

As we near #1, we are going to slow the pace down a little bit and really feature the state of Michigan's elite players. We start today with or 20th ranked senior, Michigan State commit Trenton Robinson.

Trenton Robinson wasn't mentioned much at the end of last season as being one of the state's best returning players. However, as camp season rolled along, he turned more and more heads and eventually earned himself a lot of college interest.

His recruitment would end with a Michigan State commitment and the Spartans are getting something with Robinson that cannot be taught: speed. He is a true 4.4 guy and that kind of closing speed is why the Spartans will start with him as a cornerback.

He was a great offensive player in high school though and he'll certainly get a shot as a return man in East Lansing.

His outlook? Immediate future, he probably redshirts. At 5'10, 171, he isn't the biggest guy and he'll have to add some size before he's ready to come up in run support against some of those large Big Ten backs.

But with his speed and athleticism, he could certainly be seeing time in nickel and dime packages in a year or two.

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