Top 200 Seniors: #12 Sam Gaymon

We're closing in on the top 10 players in the state of Michigan and #12 is a player we've become very familiar with in the past couple of seasons. Sam Gaymon slowly worked his way onto the radar and showed he deserved to be counted as one of the state's best.

Sam Gaymon caught our eye late last season. It was a big stage at Ford Field and he made the most of it. A tall kid running smooth routes and making leaping grabs, it was natural he would be looked at as a college prospect.

His junior stats were unspectacular though and we hadn't heard much else about him, so doubts were there. Those questions were quickly answered as he was one of the top wide receivers at's Cincinnati combine. Then he was great in 7-7s and turned in a fine performance at Michigan's summer camp as well. Sam Gaymon, we decided, was for real.

Fast forward to this season, where Renaissance again leaned more on the running game. Still, he did what he could, making big plays when the Phoenix needed a key pass play, catching everything that was thrown his way and even making an impact on defense.

Sam is pretty new to football and he hasn't played in a passing offense just yet, so we know his best days are ahead of him. Toledo got a good one!

Route running, smarts, hands and a competitve spirit all make Sam Gaymon our 12th rated senior for 2008.

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