West Ready to Win at GVSU

The 6'8 Forward from Royal Oak (MI) committed to Grand Valley State University this past November and is ready to contribute for the Lakers. Scout.com caught up with him to talk about what he is most looking forward to at Grand Valley and why he chose to be a Laker.

Nick West couldn't be happier to play basketball at Grand Valley State. He is looking forward to the entire college experience including academics. Grand Valley has been known in recent years for athletics, but maintains great academics.

West is currently working on his strength and conditioning this summer. "I feel those will be the most important things for me to adjust to at the college level. I am also working on my mid range and post up game," he said. "The strongest part of my game right now is probably my rebounding because I can get off the floor pretty well and have some strength to hold off my guy."

As a junior he averaged 12 points a game and picked up 10 rebounds per game. His senior season he improved some while scoring 15 points per game and grabbing 12 rebounds a game. West also played on the AAU circuit and a few players impressed him a lot. "Drew Maynard, I guarded him and he was a really versatile player," West said. "Another guy that really impressed me was Jordan Morgan with the fact he is a year younger than me. Morgan is very strong and has good fundamentals and some bounce to him."

As for this summer, West is playing summer league basketball at Grand Valley. He will get a chance to prove his worth on the court in pick up games and get a chance to know some of the guys on the team better. Continuity and building team chemistry our always important factors with any basketball team especially at the college level. West also may go to a few big man post camps throughout the country over the summer to improve his post up game.

"The main reason I chose Grand Valley was because of their impressive athletic and academic programs. The basketball team was undefeated when they were recruiting me and that stuck out in my mind a lot for a reason to go there." West said. West has played pick up games at Grand Valley periodically with his teammates in recent weeks and has been assisting the coaching staff with team camps in Allendale. "I have gotten to know more of the guys better especially the rest of the freshman class and I think it is helping me a lot to adjust to college life before I actually leave for college."

"At Grand Valley I most look forward to playing with Pete Trammell because he is a really good leader on the floor and I have a lot of respect for him," he said. "He always works hard and is a good role model for younger players like myself. Some of my expectations for next year would be hopefully another appearance in the tournament, I believe I will improve a lot after next year also, I also hope I can get some minutes on the floor as well and contribute to a successful season. I also want to say that the coaching staff at Grand Valley is very good and I enjoy talking to the coaches whenever I can. I am also sad that Coach Paddock left for Davenport because he was a cool guy."

Nick West is a very intelligent basketball player and will definitely have a chance to contribute next season in the frontcourt. He will be one of the many players on next year's roster who will try to fill Callistus Eziukwu's shoes in a Grand Valley uniform. It should be fun to watch and we will see how much West can improve over his freshman year in the 2008-2009 season as a Laker.

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