Billups still has decisions to make

At the end of the 2009 football season the Oxford Chargers sat at 6-6. It was a disappointing record that the players did not feel accurately represent how good they truly were. They knew coming into the 2010 season that they had the chance to surprise a few people in 5A. And they did.

Quarterback Guy Billups looked towards the 2010 season with goals in mind. "Both our team goal and my personal goal was to be state champs. A couple of personal goals were to beat my offensive coordinator's stats of 33 touchdowns and three interceptions. I tied with the touchdowns but had six interceptions instead of three. But I actually beat him in yards by a good bit. As far as team goals we didn't quite make it, but we made a good run at it, gave it our all, and that's all you can ask for."

Billups' OC is Stan Hill who prepped at Tupelo before going on to play quarterback for the Marshall Thundering Herd. Stan Hill is the son of Charger head coach Johnny Hill.

Billups finished the year with 2944 yards and 33 touchdowns. He credits the offense's success to an offensive line with three seniors and a great receiving crew that would go after the ball. "If you have a good offensive line, I don't care who you are, you have a chance to be good." Billups also spent more time in off season workouts increasing his arm strength which had a positive effect. "My arm strength was ten times better," he said.

Billups has been in contact with quite a few schools in trying to determine where he will continue his football career. When asked what type of quarterback his next coach will be getting, Billups described himself as "a pro style, spread guy" who makes good decisions and is comfortable taking the reigns and confident with the ball in his hands with the game on the line.

"Coach Stan often compares me to Peyton Manning because I'm always changing the plays," says Billups. The Charger coaching staff placed a lot of confidence in their quarterback's decision making abilities. Billups has had the freedom since his sophomore year to audible to any play in the play book. "Actually in the two minute drills this year they let me call my own plays. We went "no huddle" and I called them."

But where might Billups end up next season? That decision is yet to be made as Billups is still talking with coaches and visiting schools. "East Central CC has offered me a full scholarship and so has Delta State. Delta State would be a cool place to play, you know. They were playing for a national championship this year. Whatever level it is you still get in the ring."

Billups went to UL Lafayette last weekend with a couple of high school teammates, Deshaun McNeal and Larry Pettis, who have already committed to the Ragin Cajuns. "They (ULL) are one of my biggest interests. I loved it down there. It's a great town and loved the people. " ULL has offered a preferred walk-on spot with a scholarship to come the year after because of a current crunch in QB's on the roster.

Billups is also set to visit Rice who has offered a preferred walk on spot as well. Kent State called last week, and their conversation has just begun.

When asked if he saw any irony in the fact that three of Oxford's top football players might end up at a school named "Lafayette" when their biggest high school rivalry is cross town Lafayette Commodores (though pronounced differently). "There's been a little talk about that. We've been laughing about it some. Some people have said, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!' He says they might need to wear a "Ragin Cajun" shirt instead of Lafayette shirt when back home in Oxford.

New captain of the Cajuns, Coach Hudspeth, has told Billups they look to run a passing offense and they just hired Jay Johnson who had been at Central Michigan and Southern Miss previously. Hudspeth has been a spread guy for years while at North Alabama and MSU while Johnson is a Pro Style guy. Billups believes the mix of their two philosophies will be a great match for him.

"But we'll see how this recruiting turns out, but the important thing is God is going to have His way," Billups says.

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