Dreams Do Come True

Vernon Wolfe, the tall lanky wide out for the Vicksburg Gators thinks this could be his big year. Wolfe worked hard this past summer with other teammates running routes and catching passes. In addition, he attended camps at La Tech, Miss. St., LSU, and Southern Miss. Wolfe would love to play at any of these and has been initially contacted by LA. Tech.

The graceful and fluent Wolfe’s hang-time in mid air reminds me a lot of the all time great John Stallworth of the Pittsburg Steelers. Wolf is also a member of the Top 125 Seniors by the Clarion Ledger.

Gator Time. Question and answer with Vernon Wolfe.

Fan Club: Describe your dream reception against the team of your choice for the upcoming season.
Vernon Wolfe: One minute 28 seconds remaining with the Gators needing a TD to win against Madison Central. Gators first down at their own 20. QB calls a post, I know that it’s coming to me. Downfield I jump high and as I catch the ball I’m hit low and flip 360 and land on my feet. I dance my way into the end zone for the winning score.

FC: I understand that you are also a pretty darn good right-fielder with potential in baseball. Let me ask you this. What if you’re offered a million out of high school to play minor league baseball and at the same time Miss. State offers up a full ride scholarship to play football on Saturday’s. What would you do?
VW: I would guarantee my future by taking the minor league contract and if that didn’t work out I would then return to complete my college education and possibly continue playing football.

FC: What do you hope to accomplish this season?
VW: 40 catches, 1,000 yards

FC: How are your grades?
VW: Good. 2.8 GPA and ACT of 19.

FC: Who has been the most inspirational to your football career?
VW: My grandfather because he was a great athlete.

FC: Who is your favorite football player?
VW: Chad Johnson

FC: If drafted into the NFL, what team would you like to be on?
VW: Colts

FC: Do you have a girlfriend?
VW: Yes, for 11 months now.

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