Rebels Practice Report

Couple of # changes or additions I noticed - Barksdale is wearing #14 and Terry native/invited walk-on Taylor Quick was wearing #67 instead of #50. Jesse Grandy - Looked very shifty and elusive after the catch. He may have a future a slot receiver.

Patrick Patterson - This guy has all the tools and is built like an upper classman, but he had some trouble getting seperation today. Marshay locked him up both times I saw them go head to head. But all of that is pretty irrelevant; once he gets the routes down and some kind of a relationship with the QBs, he'll be in the rotation and may start sometime this season.

Marshay Green - Speaking of Marshay, I think he's the best cover corner we've had since Ken Lucas. He can stick to just about anyone.

Marcus Temple - He had a couple of pick-sixes. He got burnt a few other times, but he could be a servicable nickelback for us this year.

Demareo Marr - Had a pick-six early in the one on one drills, but it was a breakdown in communication between the wideout (I think Terrell Grant?) and the QB. He also took Dexter's head off in pass skeleton. The guy plays with emotion, whether he needs to show restraint or not.

Melvin Harris - Like Patterson, Harris appears to have all the tools. Unlike Patterson, Harris is somewhat "open" even when he's covered well. He is that tall and that athletic. I look for him to contribute this year.

Richie Contartesi - This guy runs great routes. Will he ever play? I don't know - maybe against Northern Arizona or something. But the guy runs great routes.

Jevan Snead - Looked a lot better throwing short throws than he did long balls today. He had some good connections, but the timing is not quite there yet. He made a few throws that made you remember how good he is, but it is still just the second day of practice.

Bobby Massie - is huge.

Tig Barksdale - spent some time returning kicks. I didn't see him out there during pass skeleton, but I wasn't looking for him either.

Tim Simon - Was still running at tailback and was still running hard. He has the build and speed to be a great linebacker. We'll see how it shake out.

Korvic Neat - Looks around 5'4", and that's being generous. He got in on some second team action, I believe.

Andrew Harris - Got chewed out a bit for messing up a route. He's got the size though and has made a few good catches in the first two practices.

Andrew Ritter - He was punting some today with Campbell and Sparks. Campbell had a pretty good kick that I saw, but I walked over to watch the QB's a bit while they were practicing special teams.

I'll post a few more updates if I remember something else. Overall, it looks like the offense has a way to go, but again, that's typical for the second day of practice. The defense was hyped up (especially Kendrick Lewis, who gets hyped up over anything, even if it is George Helow shutting down a second team receiver), and that's a great sign. I think our secondary will surprise. I can't really judge the O-Line right now, but I'd say they are easily our biggest area of concern. But you already knew that. We have the athletes to be a legit top ten team, and that's very exciting. Hotty Toddy n' all that stuff.

Shoulder pads go on tomorrow or Thursday. Full pads Friday.

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