Wednesday Practice Report

The players were in shoulder pads and shorts today, and there was plenty of contact going on. Practice started with a bull in the ring drill after stretching. The offense had a much better day today, and the receivers really caught the ball well and got the best of the defensive backs.

Tig Barksdale - saw some time at safety towards the end of practice, although he didn't appear to have pads on and was asking a few questions.

Kendrick Lewis - got burnt a bit by a few good passes in one on one drills, but covered well and picked a ball off when the ones went head to head.

Richie Contartesi - caught at least five passes that I saw today and held on to a nice catch after taking a big hit at the end of practice.

Jerrell Powe - had a pick-six late in practice.

Dele Junaid - was out there a bit during 7 on 7. I didn't see him get tested, but he has a linebacker's frame, and that may be where he winds up.

Patrick Patterson - had a much better day. He used his body to create space and make some nice catches in traffic.

Bradley Sowell - looks good sometimes and pretty average others. He has the size, but he has to become more consistent.

Marcus Tillman - got around Sowell way too easily when the ones were going against each other.

Nathan Stanley - was still taking #2 snaps for the majority of the day.

Billy Tapp - has been at Ole Miss for what feels like fifteen years. He knows the system and how to operate in it.

Cordera Eason - ran a corner (Vaughn, I think) over towards the end of practice. It was probably the best collision of the day.

Melvin Harris - had a couple of drops, but he looked pretty good in the one on one drills.

Korvic Neat - broke off a really nice run towards the end of practice. He almost fumbled his next hand off, but that might have been because the QB's are still adjusting to his height.

Enrique Davis - ran the ball hard today. He may be the guy that has a breakout year for Ole Miss.

Rodney Scott - is practicing like he wants to play this year. He has a good combination of quickness and size.

Tim Simon - is still running hard, but may be realizing just how crowded our backfield is.

Charles Sawyer - covered Melvin Harris - who is at least 7 inches taller than him - up completely during the scrimmage.

Shay Hodge - is clearly the best receiver we have not named Dexter McCluster. He appears to have gotten a good bit faster since the end of last season.

Reggie Hicks - the Madison Central native had a few good catches today.

The offense got the best of the defense for the most part today. The receivers did well in the one on one drills, and the offense moved the ball pretty easily towards the end of practice. Terry Price got pretty upset during the 11 v. 11 portion and chewed the line out a few times. He definitely doesn't lack intensity. Austin was also very active today during one on one drills and pass skeleton. You can tell a lot of the players are ready to put on full pads Friday.

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