Jabari Harris looking for big things

When did this unnoticed, overshadowed quarterback become Murrah High School's Tim Tebow?

Perhaps it was at the practice before the '09 pre-season jamboree, when he stood at the 50 yard line at Newell Field and launched the ball over the stadium fences and into the nearby tennis court-almost 90 yards. Or, perhaps, it was during his sophomore and junior seasons when he was understudy for the preceding quarterbacks- Nikko #1 Whitley and Mighty Joe Thomas. Harris admits, "I watched them and learned from their mistakes, and just tried to perfect their moves at the position."

With 2 years of extra sets of bench pressing, continual addition of 5-pound to his weight set, and countless passing drills; Jabari Harris is now the Senior starting QB for the Murrah High School Mustangs. People began to take notice. Offensive coach, Grayilyn Pratt, admits, "[Jabari] came a long way. [He improved on] throwing mechanics, footwork, strength, and knowledge of the game." According to Pratt, Jabari rose to the occasion after starting a few games in his junior season. But, this season, Harris' senior season, looks promising.

Just before the start of this season, Harris ranked on Clarion-Ledger's "Top 125 Seniors to Watch". The team's schedule is a bit tougher this year. The Mustangs will take on teams like: Callaway, Madison Central, and Grenada. But, the team is already up to a 1-1 record. In the rivalry game versus Callaway, Harris ran in a 32 yard touchdown to keep the Mustangs within a point before the half. Though the team's record may look ordinary, Harris has big plans for this season. "Murrah hasn't been to the play-offs since '92. I want to lead my team to a winning season and hopefully make a championship run."

Harris has already made and impressive run in the classroom. Harris maintains a firm 3.5 GPA. This run probably solidifies Harris as a college football prospect. And, Harris is excited about the opportunity to play college ball. He's interested in attending the University of Arkansas; but his favorite college team and player are in-state giants: Ole Miss and the university's QB Jevin Snead. Coach Pratt believes in Harris' college potential. "[He] got the height; got the arm strength, working on the mechanics…he already got the grades… [He] has the shot to go to a D1 school."

Jabari Harris is a new talent; yet works hard on the field and in the classroom. Also, he's a player that loves to play the game. "I'd prefer to play quarterback [in college], but I'll play wide receiver or Defense…wherever [the school] needs me." So, stay tuned to the Murrah High School football program and its QB, #8, Harris.

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