Chandler Rogers :: Senior Journal 2

Throughout the season Chandler Rogers will be keeping a journal to share his thoughts on his senior season.

Our rivalry week has come and gone.

For us seniors, it was the last of the historic and anticipated Copiah game. It was great to be the victor in our last game against them. However, the hard work is far from over. Film sessions were as intense and focused as ever.

Practice went on as usual, physically demanding and mentally challenging, but by the end of the day we were better than we started. We, as a football team, either get better or worse everyday. We never stay the same, and today we chose to get better. This is a saying that is heard all over, but is full of truth.

We have a tough challenger awaiting us in Riverfield Academy. They are a hard-nosed, downhill type football team. We will once again be matched physically. We, as a team, can not wait to suit up and play under those Friday night lights.

As always, take care and God bless.

Chandler Rogers

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