Lee's Summit LB Excited to See KU

Lee's Summit (MO) linebacker Jimmie Swain lives in Missouri but has ties to the program at KU. Having started high school in Kansas, the 2014 prospect has a former teammate and role model on the Jayhawk roster. Go Inside for more on Swain's Junior Day visit to KU…

Linebacker Jimmie Swain lives deep in the heart of Missouri Tigers country. But the Lee's Summit (MO) linebacker has seen both sides of the Border War.

"I'm originally from Olathe, Kansas," the 2014 prospect says. "I didn't get to Lee's Summit until second semester of my sophomore year."

Having spent time at Olathe North High School before moving across the state line to live with his older brother, Swain now finds himself in the middle between the Border War rivals. With early interest from Mizzou, Swain will make the trip to Lawrence for Junior Day and his first look at Kansas.

"Growing up, I never really was a fan of either school," he says with a laugh. "I didn't pay attention to college ball until I got into high school. From then on, I usually paid attention to the Big 10 and Big 12, because they were close to home."

"Now, it's not too weird that they are both recruiting me, because I never really paid attention to either from a football standpoint."

While playing at Olathe North, Swain got to know current Kansas linebacker Victor Simmons. The Jayhawk defender was someone Swain looked up to, and he left an impression on the 6-foot-3, 212-pound junior.

"Ever since he went there, I've kept my eye on him," Swain says of Simmons. "The most important conversation we had was after he graduated and was already at Kansas. It was my sophomore year, before I left Olathe North."

Swain tells a story of reaching out to Simmons, asking how best to step up as a young player. "I was just a sophomore, but I felt I had earned the responsibility to be a leader when the older players were lacking in that department. I had a conversation with him over the phone, and he gave me some really good advice."

"I just always viewed him as a great leader while I was at North, so I went to him," Swain says, nodding his head. "He said to keep working hard and doing what I do, and don't talk down to anybody. Those were the main things."

Swain hasn't talked much with Simmons since, as he knows the former Eagle is busy in Lawrence. He hasn't asked about the KU program, but his interest is growing.

"I don't really try to bother him," he says with a smile. "I don't want to seem too eager. When the KU coach first came up and had me fill out an informational thing, I didn't do extensive research on the program. Now that they are inviting me to Junior Day and looking like they are going to recruit me more extensively, I'll take a look at the education and the program down there."

Education is very important Swain. He already knows what he plans to study in college, and the quality of his major will factor into his decision.

"For me, I want to major in business and marketing when I go to college," he says, confidently. "Each school that offers me, I'm going to have to look at their programs in business. I'm going to be doing that for the rest of my life, so that's very important."

"I also want a good coach – player relationship," he says. "The crowd, that's important. I've never been to a game at KU. I'm excited, because I see the crowd on TV, and they have a good team."

"It will be a good atmosphere, and I'm excited to see them play."

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