Show Me Combine: Offensive Standouts

A look at the top offensive prospects who stood out at the Show-Me Combine

Here is a look at offensive players that attended the Show-Me Football Combine that stood out at their positions. Below are top performers and their testing stats.




Thomas Militello 6'3.5" 174 MICDS 2012
40: 4.54 Pro Agility:4.44 VJ" 30" L-Cone: 7.69 Broad-J: 8.58
-Militello is a very athletic QB with good speed,feet and mechanics. He has a live arm with good velocity, accuracy and throws well on the move. As he continues to get bigger he will be a major prospect.

Matt Marler 6'2"237 Potosi 2011
-Marler is a physically developed signal caller with a strong arm. He did not test ,but looked good in 1 on 1's and made strong throws. You can see why schools such as Kansas and Illinois among others are looking at him.

Sean Strehl 6'2" 199 Eureka 2011
40: 4.75 Pro Agility: 4.29 VJ 27" L-Cone: 6.9 Broad-J: 8.83 Bench: 185lbs Reps: 14
- A physically gifted QB who doesn't play in a passing offense in high school. He has all the tools of a solid college prospect. Some schools need to take a good look at him.

Zach Hayes 6'3" 192 Mehlville 2011
40: 4.98 Pro Agility: 4.06 VJ: 28" L-Cone: 7.6 Broad-J: 8.58
- Much like Strehl, Hayes doesn't play in a pass oriented offense but has the physical tools and skills to be a very good QB.

LaMontiez Ivy 6'2" 215 East St. Louis (IL) 2012
40:4.9 Pro Agility: 4.64 VJ: 29" L-Cone: 7.63 Broad-J: 9.08 Bench: 185lbs Reps: 6
- Ivy looks like a LB physically, but displays solid passing skills, including a strong arm. Look for him to be the starter for the Flyers this fall.

Eric Laurent 6'3" 185 Parkway South 2012
40:4.75 Pro Agility: 4.16 VJ:29" L-Cone: 7.15 Broad-J: 9.08
-Laurent is a very good athlete and has dual threat abilities at QB.Good size, strong arm and has a good upside.

Dalton Demos 6'4" 176 CBC 2012
40:4.74 Pro Agility: 4.56 VJ: 30" L-Cone: 7.61 Broad-J: 9.33
- Look for Demos to make a name for himself this year as a junior. He has good height, athleticism and throws the ball very well.

Brandon Carr 6'2" 196 Ladue 2012

Chris Savage 5'9" 162 Union 2012

Trey Hill 5'9" 202 Hazelwood East 2012



Justin Schuh 6'0" 191 Francis Howell 2011
40: 4.54 Pro Agility: 4.28 VJ: 32" L-Cone: 6.9 Broad-J: 9.54 Bench: 225lbs Reps 19
- Schuh probably had the best day overall testing. He is a great combo of size,speed and strength. He displays good running skills and elusiveness.

Haleem Rayford 5'11" 245 Timberland 2011
40: 4.75 Pro Agility: 4.49 VJ: 26" L-Cone: 7.22 Broad-J: 9.0 Bench: 185lbs Reps 25
_ Rayford is the prototype fullback or could play power tailback in the right offense. He is just a big,strong  back with good speed that also catches the ball very well.

Josiah Stanfield 5'7" 174 CBC 2011
40: 4.65 Pro Agility: 4.35 VJ: 29" L-Cone: 7.25 Broad-J: 9.33
- Stanfield is a smaller, quick, elusive back  with very good overall skills including as a receiver.


Denis Harris 6'2" 197 East St. Louis (IL) 2012
40:4.55 Pro Agility: 4.28 VJ: 30" L-Cone: 7.13 Broad-J: 9.17 Bench: 225lbs Reps: 9
- Harris looks physically like he could play college ball right now. Great size,strength, speed,quickness and good hands. Still a little raw and needs to continue to develop, but a likely high level prospect in two years.

Bobby Smith 5'10" 160 Hazelwood East 2013
40: 4.56 Pro Agility: 4.32 VJ 28" L-Cone: 7.31 Broad J:8.5
- Very fast,elusive young receiver. Played some at DB for the Spartans as a true freshman. Has a high ceiling and bright future.

Keith Brown 6'0" 165 Francis Howell 2011
40: 4.7 Pro Agility:4.25 VJ:29" L-Cone: 6.94 Broad-J:8.67 Bench: 185lbs Reps: 7

Scott Lathrop 5'10" 162 Warrenton 2011
40: 4.7 Pro Agility: 4.34 VJ: 28.5" L-Cone: 7.0 Broad-J:8.67 Bench: 185lbs Reps:8




Andrew Ness 6'4" 295 CBC 2011
40: 5.4 Pro Agility: 5.0 VJ:24" L-Cone: 7.9 Broad-J:7.42 Bench: 185lbs Reps: 16
-Ness is nimble and a lean 295lbs. He shows superior pass blocking technique and uses his feet and long arms very well to his advantage in 1 on 1 drills. Athletic for his size. Very good long snapper.

Montae' Jones 6'3.5" 338 Parkway North
40:5.5 Pro Agility: 5.3 VJ:23" L-Cone: 8.38 Broad-J:8.83 Bench: 185lbs Reps:16
- Jones is a massive athlete. Surprisingly quick and runs well for his size. Good feet and battled to the end in 1 on 1's.

Sean Holloran  6'3" 237 CBC 2012

Next will will feature the defesnive standout.

40:5.2 Pro Agility:4.81 VJ:23"  L-Cone: 7.53 Broad-J: 6.67 Bench:185lbs Reps: 9

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