Top Returning Players

Some of the top returning football players in the state of Nebraska. We will be following up on these players and others in the next few months.


The following is a list of some of the top returning football players in the state of Nebraska. We will be following up on these players and others in the next few months.

We are also trying to line-up some team profiles. We know from some panel members that Millard North (Class A), Omaha Creighton Prep (Class A), Lincoln Southeast (Class A), Omaha Roncalli (Class B), Beatrice (Class B), Omaha Central (Class A), Omaha Westside (Class A), Howells (Class D-1), Lewiston (Class D-2), Fillmore Central (Class C-1), Creighton (Class C-2), Wakefield (Class C-2) and several others are teams to keep our eyes on.

Now for individual Players (in no particular order)

Zach Copple - Lincoln Southeast

Defensive lineman

* Recruiters are hoping he is open-minded because he maybe an impact player. Excellent size and speed, but best he plays hard on every down.

Dan Woodhead - North Platte

Wingback-Defensive Back

* He could play either way but it is felt that he would make a bigger impact on the defensive side. He could play either safety or corner, but he would be double dangerous at safety.

Cortney Grixby - Omaha Central

Defensive back - Option QB

* Most people reporting back to us at NPR say he will be an outstanding DB at the next level if he choses football.

Seth Olsen - Millard North

Offensive line (tackle)

* A power blocker who moves the line of scrimmage with attitude. Footwork needs work on pass block drops.

Keith Lloyd - Millard North


* A strong blocker and power runner. Must work to recover from injury. Also a good kicker.

Mike Brower - Fillmore Central

Running Back

* Quality running back with excellent size and speed combination.

Tristan Foster - Cambridge

Offensive line

* Quality blocker needs to play every down. Also could get stronger. Maybe asked to play center at the next level.

Luke Hoffman - Wakefield


* Plays sideline to sideline. Needs to show that he can elavate the game of his teammates. Good talent.

Matt Sells - Falls City SH

defensive back

* Plays 8-man football so must show footwork and agility to play at next level consistently. A good athlete.

Jake Galusha - Millard North

Defensive back

* An interesting prospect at the next level. Is a very good cover DB. Good hands also.

Jeff Bender - Lindsay Holy Family

Defensive line - Linebacker - Offensive line

* A true prospect. If he continues to develop where does he play at the next level. Can he get bigger to play the DL, can he learn the skills to play LB, could he be a outstanding pulling guard, CAN he make adjustment from 8-man.


Mat Eikmeier - Howells - Athlete

Trent Lyons - McCook - Kicker

Jesse Rigler - Hastings - Lineman

Jordan Gould - Beatrice - DB/RB

Ty Steinkuhler - Lincoln SW - LB/End

Adam Shada - Millard North - DB

Brian Kruse - Creighton - RB

Bryan Dutcher - Greeley/Wolbach - QB

Jordan Stutzman - Friend - RB

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