Sportsmanship and student appearance

The NSAA is trying to get a handle on the issue of sportsmanship and in the process has told schools that some "traditions" that were school spirit must be stopped. Now they look at the issue of student appearance at activities in regards to sportsmanship.



In the realm of good sportsmanship, it is the expectation that all student spectators wear shirts for all subdistrict, district, and state events. Each individual school shall be responsible for assuring that student spectators are appropriately attired."

This means the painted chest is NO LONGER a sign of support for your school, but is rather a sign of poor sportsmanship. And that your high school administrators will assure that you are dressed appropriately for the "school" activity or that you leave the activity or area.

Also the NSAA board decided to develop points of emphasis language and to include such in all sports manuals that participants must keep their uniforms on while in the competition area.

Now will this apply to football players removing pads and uniform tops after the game, softball players removing part of their uniform (even a hat), baseball players (see softball), track will the pulling of the uniform up to wipe your face be unsporting, ??? What will be the penalty when a football player removes his uniform top and shoulder pads? when a softball or baseball player changes in the dugout or wears their hat backwards or removes it as they leave the field?

This is an area that needs to be addressed with a great deal of concern.

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