The Battle of Undefeated Teams!

Here we are 3 weeks into the High School Football schedule and we have a titanic battle set for Friday night. Now, I was around when that big piece of metal went down. I can tell you when I say Titanic, the mass of the lineman of Durango catches my eye. Here are my predictions for week 4.

Durango vs Desert Pines – for all of the athletes that are on the top dog Jaguars squad, can't they find anyone who can play pass defense? Durango likes to use their big all beef lineman to get the job done running the football. They better not use the 43 carries this week for McCants as I do not see this working for the Blazers. Due to the Byrd attack, I lean towards the Desert Pines squad to win once again. DP 28 Durango 14.

Eldorado vs Western – How come the Warriors can't find anyone to play defense? They plain old stink like ratty old socks! Like Edwards of the Sun Devils, I think this kid can win it on his own this week. Take the Devils to get another win on the road 34-12.

Centennial vs Silverado – Will the real Skyhawks show up? I can not figure this team out. The Bulldogs have played already their Homecoming game! What in the world were the schedule makers thinking here? They must have got a kickback from the local florist for setting this up. Like the Blu lovers to get it done in this spot – 28-21.

Virgin Valley vs Sierra Vista – You might want to call them Siesta Vista as they have not been able to generate any offense in two games. The big cow herders from Mesquite milk the Lions for all that they are worth in this one – 28-6.

Cimarron Memorial vs Rancho Bernardo – Like the passing game that has come out of hibernation for the Spartans. The forward pass kept them in the game last week and should do the same this week. Take the Spartans for the road upset 28-27.

Rancho vs Palo Verde – the Panthers come off of the emotional home win last week and looked impressive against the Gators in the 2nd Half. The freight train Worthen should run all over the ex Gorman led Rams. Take the Panthers 28-7.

Bonanza vs Green Valley – I have heard enough of the promises from the Bengal faithful to last me a lifetime. This team can never seem to put it together, even in games they should be competitive. The Gators have survived this season and should win another close game 21-13.

Cheyenne vs Foothill – this should be a good one, with the hard hitting Shields out playing DP last week. Ford should see plenty of the ball against the Shields who could be distracted from the coaching change early in the week. This should be a fun game to watch take the Falcons in a nail biter 27-26.

Pahrump vs Coronado – the Cougars looked so good against Siesta Vista and then stunk the joint up against the Meadows. Expect the Trojans not to pose the same team that they saw last week. Take the Cougars to get a close low scoring win 14-10.

Clark vs Valley – Break out the Chargers! The Clark football program is showing that they have finally turned the corner with their passing game. Sellers figured out the passing game in the offseason and has another crafty signal caller in Crooks. Take the Vikes to win a fun game against the Chargers 27-21.

Mojave vs Chaparral – How about them Cowboys! They are once again showing their strength in early season action. Can they finally sustain a good start? They should have no trouble against the Rattlers and will be looking for division rival Foothill in the coming week. Take the ‘Boys 35-6.

Las Vegas vs Basic – this could be really ugly really quickly. Basic better throw the football well to be in this game. The Cats look like they are for real this year and expect them to be biting their time waiting for DP in the coming 2 weeks. Take the Cats in a blowout 45-6.


Reno vs Carson – I thought that the Huskies were a basketball/baseball school? What are they doing beating up on North foes at a record pace this season? Take the Huskies to roll over the Sens in another win 35-21.

Galena vs Reed – The Grizz are playing solid football and getting the cupcake wins so far in non conference play. Another win for the yellow and black in this one 34-14.

Douglas vs Hug – the huggie bears have not failed me yet. Love the Black and green to get another win over the farm boys this week 24-14.

Elko vs South Tahoe – the longest trip in 4 A the Indian nation has been the beast so far this season. If Reno can shut out the Vikes 35-0, expect a monster score this week by Elko 52-0.

Sparks vs Wooster – the real Colts will show up this week after playing uninspired ball against the Lancers last week. Sparks is not a match in this game 35-0.

Fallon vs McQueen – Blowout city as the haves vs have nots should be the story line in this one. Take the Lancers for another solid win 42-0.

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