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The Cheyenne Football team last week was in perfect position to win a game over DP last week. Their coaching staff made the bright move to get Kevin Richardson behind center and he rejuvenated their offense. What was pathetic was the 7 delay of game penalties caused by poor substitutions by the Cheyenne coaching staff. To make matters worse, the Shields have a first and ten from the DP 25 with no time left taken away by a stupid coaching error arguing with the officials causing a 15 yard unsportsman like conduct call.

No need to worry about the same errors this week, as Cheyenne parted ways with new head coach Marcus Sherman. Give credit to Sherman for installing the wide open BYU offense over the predictable George Perry offense in previous years. In talking to Cheyenne AD Larry Johnson, all he would say was that he was not at the game against DP and that it was a tough week for the Cheyenne family. Freshman Head Coach Dave Snider has taken over the Head Coaching role of the Varsity.

The Halftime Tribute at Palo Verde last Friday for their teacher Barbara Edwards was first class. Edwards was a passenger on the plane that was driven into the Pentagon by terrorists last Tuesday. The stands were full and not a dry eye was in the house after the tribute. Way to go Palo Verde for doing a great job remembering your fallen teacher.

The Meadows keeps on winning. Now at 33 wins in a row, the Mustangs are shooting for the State record this year for most consecutive wins by a NIAA school. QB Mike Paulos and RB Pat Curren could easily star for any Southern Nevada 4 A team, so people should not think that this team does not have talent. The Mustangs are at Lincoln County this week, with home town Faith Lutheran ready for their annual matchup during the final week of the season.

Elko and McQueen have let the entire State know that they are the teams to beat this year in the 4A with their impressive early season play. It can be said that the North 4 A has a wide gap between the top teams and the bottom teams. But, when last year's state runnerup Wooster gets beat to a pulp by the so called depleted Lancers it is an indication that McQueen has not lost much. The Elko vs McQueen game is a monster game waiting to happen in October. That game will be for home field advantage for the North final game, where only one team advances to State. An awfully good football team will be sent home early this year from the North.

South 4 A has shown one thing – the passing game is back. Desert Pines, Cimarron, Las Vegas, Palo Verde and Chaparral have all shown that you better not just run the football if you want to win. The Spartans loss to the Cats was suprising last week, but it showed how the passing game should work with a top running back. Only Durango, has shown a run only offense and will need to air it out against the leaky DP pass defense to get a win over the top rated Jags. Even Clark and Valley have shown a passing attack and they are now 2-1 on the season. Look for the passing game to spread as the season goes along.

Surprise teams – Reno, Cheyenne, Eldorado, Clark and Centennial.

Nevada Sports Network Basketball Classic is taking shape. The annual Martin Luther King Basketball Invitational has been able to put some great teams from the North against top flight competition from the South. Teams invited ; Reno, McQueen, Elko, Galena, Meadows, Green Valley, Durango, Gorman, Cheyenne and Cimarron. This year's game will be held on January 21 at Durango or Green Valley.

State 4 A Poll

1. McQueen – 3-0 - impressive win last week against Wooster should show the Lancers deserving of the top spot.

2. Elko –3-0- they are just dominate. They are big although they do not have a large roster of players on their team.

3. Desert Pines 3-0 – Cheyenne showed the weaknesss of the Jags – the pass defense. DP has tough games ahead with Durango and Las Vegas in the coming weeks.

4. Las Vegas – 3-0 Antoine White is the real deal. The defense did their job against Cimarron last week. Pass defense is also a concern for the Cats.

5. Palo Verde – 3-0 they get back to back wins against the Green Valley teams under tough circumstances. Ponder is coming into his own.

6. Durango – 3-0 they are the biggest guys in town right now. They have shown that they can wear down opponents and need a big effort against DP this week.

7. Chaparral – 3-0 – big last minute win against Centennial last week showed the poise of this team. Owens is the biggest surprise at running back in the city this year.

8. Cimarron – 1-2 – don't let the record fool you, the Spartans are strong. They have played tough against top teams in losing efforts.

9. Foothill – 2-1 – came back after the tough loss at Centennial with a solid performance last week. John Ford continues to roll up big numbers.

10. Reno – 3-0 – believe it or not the Huskies have a football team this year. They had a great game last week against South Tahoe.

Others getting votes – Hug, Galena, Centennial, Rancho, Clark, Gorman and Valley.

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