Time for playoffs Durango

The Durango Trailblazers showed all of Southern Nevada that they are the team to beat this year after spanking Desert Pines 41-23. It was a dominating performance by the offensive line of Durango, as they pushed around Desert Pines all night long.


Now it is time to take a look at where this Durango team can go in the playoffs. Yes, it is not too early to think playoffs right now especially after seeing the Blazers in action this Friday night. Lets take a look at what is in front of them.

Gorman next week – a tough win can be had here, as the Gaels have shown defensive holes.

Western – the October opener – no problem with the worst defense we have ever seen at Western.

Clark – passing game appears to be over rated at the moment, especially after seeing them struggle against top flight teams – mainly Foothill.

Mojave – can not beat Green Valley – enough said

Bonanza – talk about a sleep walking exercise!

So it is easy to see that the Blazers could go through the remainder of the season undefeated. Lets take a look at how they might go through the playoffs.

First round – NW #4 – Cheyenne – could be a very dangerous game, never know what to expect against the Shields. They get by the Desert Swarm and get the winner of NW 2 vs SW 3 – more than likely Clark vs Cimarron.

Second Round Cimarron – tough test here for the Blazers, especially with the passion and playoff experience of the Spartans. This could be an epic battle.

Sunset Final – Prediction Palo Verde vs Blazers. I figure that Palo Verde can beat Bonanza with no problem in round one. Then they would be faced with Gorman or Centennial with the Bulldogs likely to move forward. Centennial vs Palo Verde could be a great matchup, playoff experience for the Panthers would get this win.

Winner goes to the State final with Durango on top of Palo Verde.

Predictions for Playoffs in the Sunrise

The NW portion of the Sunset has the ability to sweep the SW in the first round if Cheyenne gets it together. This would be the scenario that we saw last year with the Sunrise with the NE sweeping the SE.

Sunrise Playoff Predictions

Two teams will get invites to the State Tournament, here is how we see it.

NE #1 – Las Vegas vs SE #4 – Silverado

SE #2 – Chaparral vs NE #3 – Rancho


SE #1 – Foothill vs NE #4 – Valley

NE #2 – Desert Pines vs SE #3 – Green Valley


Las Vegas vs Rancho in Semi Final game

Foothill vs Desert Pines in Semi Final game


Foothill vs Las Vegas after an amazing Semi Final round game, both teams go to State with Foothill getting a slight nod. This is a toss up at the moment.

You can see how this might end up and anyone can see that the Semi Finals in the Sunset and Sunrise could be epic battles. Durango with their offensive line, looks to be the strongest team in the Sunset. The Cimarron vs Palo Verde and Centennial vs Palo Verde games are dramatic games that will decide the fate of the strong NW section.

Rancho could pose big problems for the Wildcats if they can play a big game. Same can be said for Chaparral. They normally collapse in the 2nd half of the season. If they stay away from the choke, they could also be a big factor in the playoffs.

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